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Sardine growth in the Catalan Sea (NW Mediterranean) determined by means of otolith interpretation and length frequency data
J.P. Pertierra and B. Morales-Nin

Age and growth of Sardina pilchardus were determined by means of otolith interpretation and validated by length frequency analysis. Otoliths were studied by SEM techniques in order to verify daily growth rates. Growth parameters obtained by means of scale interpretation are compared. Growth of sardine in the NW Mediterranean is rather low with numerous age classes in the population. Growth parameters are: L&inf; = 20.08, K = 0.2348, t0 = 2.733. Fitted lengths (cm) at age are: 11.72 (1). 13.47 (2), 14.85 (3), 15.95 (4), 16.81 (5), 17.50 (6), 18.04 (7), 18.46 (8+).

Keywords: sardine, growth, NW Mediterranean.
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