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Reproducción del bolo, Diplectrum formosum (Linnaeus, 1766) (Pisces: Serranidae) en Punta Mosquito, Isla de Margarita, Venezuela
Esteban Obando and Juan R. León

REPRODUCTION OF THE BOLO Diplectrum formosurn (Linnaeus, 1766) (PISCES: SERRANIDAE) AT PUNTA MOSQUITO. ISLAND OF F MARGARITA VE NEZIJELA-. For the present work 498 specimens of the Sand Perch, Diplectruvrz fbrmosum, were examined. These specimens varied from 136 to 230 mm in total length. Five different stages of sexual maturity were established. The species reaches sexual maturity for the first time between 175 and 195.5 mm of total lenght. Gonads were assymmetric in length. The ovocytes undergo asynchronous development. Histological work on the ovaries showed three development stages of the ovocytes: Previtelogenesis, vitellogenesis and atresia; besides, ovocites of different sizes were observed. This clearly indicates the occurrence of partial spawning from April to October with maxima in June and September. The mean total fecundity was 62001 ± 7802.7 ovocytes, the mean relative fecundity was 312.43 plusmn; 33.7 ovocytes per mm and 644.61 ± 44.3 ovocytes per gram of body weight. There was a close relation between fecundity and the lenght and weight of body.

Keywords: Diplectrum formosum, sexual maturity, reproduction, spawning, fecundity. Margarita-Venezuela.
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