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Distribution of Decapod Crustacean larvae in the Bays of the Ebro Delta
Xavier Fusté

The abundance and composition of decapod larvae was analized from 18 plankton surveys carried out in Ebro Delta bays. Planktonic stages representing 49 species of decapods were identified. Larvae of Plesionika spp., Processa spp., Carcinus aestuarii, Brachynotus sexdentatus, Portumnus lutipes y Liocarcinus spp. were abundant in the plankton of the bays. Larvae of Palicus caronii was recorded from this area for the first time. Decapod larvae were numerous throughout the bays during later spring and summer. However, Cardinus aestuarii larvae were abundant during winter, and its peak numbers were in the upper order of magnitude as regards total concentrations of the larvae of other species.<

Keywords: Decapoda, larvae, distribution, estuaries, Ebro Delta, Mediterranean Sea.
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