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Water interchange between the Ría of Vigo and the coastal shelf
Ricardo Prego, Fernando Fraga, Aida F. Ríos

In this paper the water interchange between the Ria of Vigo and the coastal shelf is discussed from the points of view both of salinity and of the fresh water contribution from the drainage basin. In winter the results show a typical estuarine circulation, produced by the great quantity of fresh water running into Ria. This factor causes flows of arount 2 X 106 kg s-1; 2 m day-1 upward movement of sea water, and a speed of 3 km day-1 for the estuarine residual current in the outlet of the Ria. In summer these values decrease to about one sixth of the winter values, although there is an increase in the circulation of up to 1 X 106 kg s-1 , the consequence of upwelling produced by north winds over the shelf. Later the south winds produce the opposite effect, blocking interchange with the shelf. The mixing of water in the Ria is greater in summer, favouring the arrival and recycling of nutrient salts in the area.

Keywords: hydrology, salinity, mixing, interchange, ria of Vigo, NW Spain.
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