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The Liguro-Provençal-Catalan current (NW Mediterranean) observed by Doppler profiling in the Balearic Sea
Arturo Castellón, Jordi Font and Emili García

For the first time a vessel-mounted Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler has allowed a general current survey on the continental slope off northeast Spain in spring 1989. The path of the Liguro-Proven~al-Catalanc urrent has been followed from 41º 40’ to 38º 45’ N. The structure of the current appears to be, in the northern part, an alongslope frontal jet 35 km wide and 250 m deep, with maximum velocities of 30 c d s and a total flux of 1 Sv. In the southern part, the Gulf of Valencia, the current weakens and is partially detached from the slope and entrained in an anticyclonic gyre. Most of the flow feeds the return Balearic current and only a small part, 0.24 Sv, leaves the basin through the Eivissa sill.

Keywords: General circulation, shelf/slope current, frontal jet, acoustic Doppler profiling, northwestern Mediterranean
Contents of this volume Sci. Mar. 54(3) : 269-276 Back PDF
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