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Elementos morfológicos en la zona litoral: ejemplos en el delta del Ebro
J. Guillén, J.I. Díaz

MORPHOLOGICAL ELEMENTS IN THE LITTORAL ZONE: EXAMPLES IN EBRO DELTA. - Seasonal surveys of beach profiles from the Ebro Delta littoral zone (northwestern Mediterranean Sea) are used to define the main morphological features and seasonal variability for a sandy microtidal environment. The following Spanish terminology is proposed for these areas and morphologies: “berma” (berm) is defined as a depositional morphology except when it is erosional and then the term is “escarpe de playa” (beach scarp). The “barra interna” (inner bar) is used in a descriptive manner refering to sand bars found near the beach that have little offshore continuity. High and low wave-energy conditions, winds and coastal currents are the factors controlling the evolution of morphological features in the littoral zone. The morphological features can be grouped as erosional or depositional. Erosional forms are: sand plain, beach scarp, steps, trough, ramp and major change of slope. Depositional forms proceeding onshore to offshore are: eolian dune fields, berm, rhythmic topography, inner bars and sand bar.

Keywords: Littoral zone, morphological features, Ebro Delta.
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