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Age and growth of Spicara flexuosa (Rafinesque, 1810) (Pisces, Centracanthidae) in the Patraikos gulf (Greece)
Chryssi Mytilineou, Costas Papaconstantinou

The age andgrowth of Spicara flexuosa in Patraikos Gulf (Greece) were studied. Thelength-frequency distribution indicated that females appeared in small sizegroups, the hermaphrodites in the medium ones and the males in the longestones. The bulk of the new recruits appeared in November and their length rangedbetween 6.5-9.0 cm. The age of 619 individuals was determined by otolithreading. The longest size group included fish five years old. The annuli wereformed once a year, between winter and early spring. The length-otolith radiusrelationship was R = 1.01 x L0.880 for females and R = 0.994 x L0.880for males. S. flexuosa is a fast growing fish of limited longevity. Themales attained a greater length than the females at the end of each year,reflecting the protogynous life cycle of the species. A different growthpattern was found between sexes. Weight increased at 3.04 and 3.11 power of lengthin females and males respectively. The condition factor showed little seasonalvariation and a trend to increase with age.

Keywords: picarel, age, growth, otolith, Sparidae, Mediterranean Sea, Greekseas.
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