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Allozyme variation of Lap Loci in Crassostrea rhizophorae in relation to temperature and/or salinity
Mauro Nirchio, Julio E. Pérez, Hernán Cequea

Geneticvariability for leucylaminopeptidase among. C. rhizophorae from twolocalities in La Restinga Lagoon was examined using starch gel electrophoresis.There are three polymorphic loci for this enzyme, Lap-I, Lap-II and Lap-III,but only two were studied, Lap-II possessing three alleles and Lap-IIIpossessing six alleles. Allele distributions for Lap-III were dependent onlocation. The frequency of Lap-III98 was higher at the centre of thelagoon (with greater temperature and salinity) than at the entrance (wheresalinity and temperature were lower). For Lap-III100 the situationwas the opposite. Genotypic distributions at the Lap-II locus did not differsignificantly from Hardy-Weinberg expectations, whereas for Lap-III significantdifferences from equilibrium were detected. The large heterozygote deficiencyat the locus Lap-III is discussed in terms of the Wahlund effect, inbreeding,silent alleles and selection.

Keywords: Allozime variation, Leucylaminopeptidase, Crassostrea rhizophorae
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