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Species richness and faunistic affinities of the Gammaridea and Corophiidea (Amphipoda) from shallow waters of southern Tierra del Fuego, Argentina: preliminary results
I. L. Chiesa, G. M. Alonso and D. G. Zelaya

Species richness and faunistic affinities of gammaridean and corophiidean amphipods from southern Tierra del Fuego were studied. The material was collected with dredges and grabs at 7 locations (15 sampling stations) in a range of 5 to 35 m depth. A total of 61 species belonging to 20 families and 43 genera were identified. The genera Cephalophoxoides, Ceradocopsis and Photis are reported for the first time from the Magellan region and 3 species belonging to Atylus, Ischyrocerus and Photis appear to be new to science. Most of the species collected belong to Phoxocephalidae, whereas most individuals were contained in the Stenothoidae and Lysianassidae s.l. The analysis of the faunistic affinities showed that 16 species (39%) are endemic to the Magellan region, 9 species (22%) extend to the south, 5 species (12.2%) to the north and 5 other species (12.2%) to both the north and south. In addition, 6 species extend beyond the Magellan region as far as Oceania.

Keywords: Magellan region, Beagle Channel, Amphipoda, diversity, distribution.
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