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Zoogeographical relationships of the littoral ascidiofauna at the Antarctic Peninsula, in the Scotia Arc and in the Magellan region
A. A. Ramos-Esplá, J. Cárcel and M. Varela

Three Spanish Antarctic research cruises (Ant-8611, Bentart-94 and Bentart-95) were carried out in the South Shetland Archipelago (Antarctic Peninsula) and Scotia Arc (South Orkney, South Sandwich and South Georgia archipelagos) on the continental shelf and upper slope (10-600 m depth). They have contributed to our knowledge about ascidian distribution and the zoogeographical relationships with the neighbouring areas and the other Subantarctic islands. The distribution of ascidian species suggests that the Scotia Arc is divided into two sectors, the South Orkney Archipelago, related to the Antarctic Province, and the South Georgia Archipelago (probably including the South Sandwich Archipelago), which is intermediate between the Antarctic Province and the Magellan region.

Keywords: ascidians, Antarctic, Scotia Arc, Magellan, biogeography.
Contents of this volume Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 215-223 Back PDF
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