ge Scientia Marina: Investigacion Pesquera

The circulation in an upwelling ecosystem: the Pisco cruise
Robert L. Smith, D.B. Enfield, T.S. Hopkins and R. Dale Pillsbury
Invest. Pesq. Vol.35(1) : 9-24 Abstract PDF
Gross features of the Peruvian upwelling system with special reference to possible diel variation
John J. Walsh, J.C. Kelly, R.C. Dugdale and Bruce W. Frost
Invest. Pesq. Vol.35(1) : 25-42 Abstract PDF
The production and utilization of organic matter in the Peru coastal current
J.H. Ryther, D.W. Menzel, E.M. Hulburt, C.J. Lorenzen and N. Corwin
Invest. Pesq. Vol.35(1) : 43-60 Abstract PDF
Composición y distribución del fitoplancton en la región del afloramiento de las costas peruanas
Dolors Blasco
Invest. Pesq. Vol.35(1) : 61-112 Abstract PDF
Distribution of anchoveta (Engraulis ringens J.) in relation to the environment
Rómulo S. Jordán
Invest. Pesq. Vol.35(1) : 113-126 Abstract PDF
Benthic biomass in the Pisco, Peru upwelling
Gilbert T. Rowe
Invest. Pesq. Vol.35(1) : 127-136 Abstract PDF
Résultats préliminaires de la campagne "Médiprod I" du Jean Charcot (1-15 Mars et 4-17 Avril 1969)
H.J. Minas
Invest. Pesq. Vol.35(1) : 137-146 Abstract PDF
Photometrie sous-marine: Mesures effectuées pendant la mission Médiprod I
J. Boutler
Invest. Pesq. Vol.35(1) : 147-154 Abstract PDF
Fluctuations d'une année à l'autre dans l'intensité de l'affleurement dans la Mediterranée occidentale
J.M.Ş San Feliu and F. Muńoz
Invest. Pesq. Vol.35(1) : 155-160 Abstract PDF
L'affleurement d'eau sur la côte catalane et les indicateurs biologiques (Copépodes)
F. Vives
Invest. Pesq. Vol.35(1) : 161-170 Abstract PDF
Variations in phytoplankton growth associated with the source and conditioning of upwelling water
R.T. Barber, R.C. Dugdale, J.J. MacIsaac and R.L. Smith
Invest. Pesq. Vol.35(1) : 171-194 Abstract PDF
Relationships between particulate organic carbon and microorganisms in upwelling areas off Southwest Africa
L.A. Hobson
Invest. Pesq. Vol.35(1) : 195-208 Abstract PDF
Variations of nitrate réductase activity in marine phytoplankton
T.T. Packard, D. Blasco, J.M. MacIsaac and R.C. Dugdale
Invest. Pesq. Vol.35(1) : 209-220 Abstract PDF
An automated extraction procedure for the determination of ammonia in seawater
J.J. MacIsaac and R.K. Olund
Invest. Pesq. Vol.35(1) : 221-232 Abstract PDF
Denitrification in sediments of the sea off Peru
J.J. Goering and M.M. Pamatmat
Invest. Pesq. Vol.35(1) : 233-242 Abstract PDF
Nutrient excretion by anchovies and zooplankton in pacific upwelling regions
Terry E. Whitledge and T. Packard
Invest. Pesq. Vol.35(1) : 243-250 Abstract PDF
Sampling considerations in upwelling studies
J.C. Kelly
Invest. Pesq. Vol.35(1) : 251-260 Abstract PDF
Sequential statistical analysis of continuous underway oceanographical data
A. Cruzado
Invest. Pesq. Vol.35(1) : 261-268 Abstract PDF
Simple approaches to a pattern analysis of phytoplankton
R. Margalef and M. Estrada
Invest. Pesq. Vol.35(1) : 269-298 Abstract PDF
A computation model for the uptake of nitrate in the Peru upwelling region
R.C. Dugdale and Jane J. MacIsaac
Invest. Pesq. Vol.35(1) : 299-308 Abstract PDF
A simulation model of the nitrogen flow in the peruvian upwelling system
John J. Walsh and R.C. Dugdale
Invest. Pesq. Vol.35(1) : 309-330 Abstract PDF
A two dimensional model of the Wind-Driven North Pacific
J.J. O'Brien
Invest. Pesq. Vol.35(1) : 331-350 Abstract PDF
Problèmes posés par la conception d'un modèle de variations annuelles de la chlorophylle en un point d'une zone côtière (Villefranche-sur-Mer)
P. Nival
Invest. Pesq. Vol.35(1) : 351-364 Abstract PDF
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