Aquatic flow cytometry: achievements and prospects
M. Reckermann and F. Colijn
Sci. Mar. 64(2) : 119-120 Abstract PDF
Application of flow cytometry in marine phytoplankton research: current applications and future perspectives
Marcel J.W. Veldhuis and Gijsbert W. Kraay
Sci. Mar. 64(2) : 121-134 Abstract PDF
Flow cytometry as a tool for the study of phytoplankton
G.B.J. Dubelaar and R.R. Jonker
Sci. Mar. 64(2) : 135-156 Abstract PDF
Short-term variations of the vertical distribution of cyanobacteria in the open Mediterranean Sea
Michel Denis, Valérie Martin and Valérie Andersen
Sci. Mar. 64(2) : 157-163 Abstract PDF
Immuno flow cytometry in marine phytoplankton research
L. Peperzak, E.G. Vrieling and B. Sandee T. Rutten
Sci. Mar. 64(2) : 165-181 Abstract PDF
Probing the physiological state of phytoplankton at the single-cell level
Frank J. Jochem
Sci. Mar. 64(2) : 183-195 Abstract PDF
Using flow cytometry for counting natural planktonic bacteria and understanding the structure of planktonic bacterial communities
Josep M. Gasol and Paul A. del Giorgio
Sci. Mar. 64(2) : 197-224 Abstract PDF
Automated identification and characterisation of microbial populations using flow cytometry: the AIMS project
Richard Jonker, René Groben Glen Tarran, Linda Medlin, Malcolm Wilkins, Laura García, Laura Zabala and LynneBoddy
Sci. Mar. 64(2) : 225-234 Abstract PDF
Flow sorting in aquatic ecology
Marcus Reckermann
Sci. Mar. 64(2) : 235-246 Abstract PDF
Flow cytometry and integrated imaging
V. Kachel and J. Wietzorrek
Sci. Mar. 64(2) : 247-254 Abstract PDF
CytoBuoy: a step forward towards using flow cytometry in operational oceanography
G.B.J. Dubelaar P.L. Gerritzen
Sci. Mar. 64(2) : 255-265 Abstract PDF
Subject Index
Sci. Mar. 64(2) : 267-268 Abstract PDF
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