The size structure and metabolism of the pelagic ecosystem
Jaime Rodríguez and William K.W. Li
Sci. Mar. 58(1-2) : 0-0 Abstract PDF
Some comments on the size-based structural analysis of the pelagic ecosystem
Jaime Rodríguez
Sci. Mar. 58(1-2) : 1-10 Abstract PDF
A comment on the use of allometry in the study of pelagic ecosystem processes
Renato A. Quiñones
Sci. Mar. 58(1-2) : 11-16 Abstract PDF
Dealing with size-spectra: Some conceptual and mathematical problems
José M. Blanco, Fidel Echevarría and Carlos M. García
Sci. Mar. 58(1-2) : 17-29 Abstract PDF
Hydrological structure, optical characteristics and size distribution of pigments and particles at a frontal station in the Alboran Sea Working Group 1 Report
Valeriano Rodríguez, B. Bautista, J.M. Blanco, F.L. Figueroa, N. Cano and J. Ruiz
Sci. Mar. 58(1-2) : 31-41 Abstract PDF
The size structure and functional composition of ultraplankton and nanoplankton at a frontal station in the Alboran Sea. Working Groups 2 and 3 Report
C.M. García, F. Jiménez-Gómez, J. Rodríguez, B. Bautista, M. Estrada, J. García Braun, J.M. Gasol, F. Gómez Figueiras, F. Guerrero, F. Jiménez Montes, W.K.W. Li, J.M. López Díaz, G. Santiago and M. Varela
Sci. Mar. 58(1-2) : 43-52 Abstract PDF
Metabolic size spectra at a frontal station in the Alboran Sea. Working Group 4. Report.
R.A. Quiñones, J.M. Blanco, F. Echevarría, M.L. Fernández-Puelles, J. Gilabert, V. Rodríguez and L. Valdés
Sci. Mar. 58(1-2) : 53-58 Abstract PDF
Estimating the photosynthetic and detrital fractions of seston: A comparison of methods. Working Group 5 Report
Antonio Bode, Félix L. Figueroa and Javier Ruiz
Sci. Mar. 58(1-2) : 59-65 Abstract PDF
Phytoplankton biomass and chlorophyll concentration across the North Atlantic
W.K.W. Li
Sci. Mar. 58(1-2) : 67-79 Abstract PDF
Problems in the quantitative analysis of submicron particles in marine waters
Javier Ruiz and Jaime Rodríguez
Sci. Mar. 58(1-2) : 81-86 Abstract PDF
Through the looking glass: how marine phytoplankton appears through the microscope when graded by size and taxonomically sorted
Ramon Margalef
Sci. Mar. 58(1-2) : 87-101 Abstract PDF
The measurement of size diversity in the pelagic ecosystem
Javier Ruiz
Sci. Mar. 58(1-2) : 103-107 Abstract PDF
Planktonic size structure and the photon budget of the euphotic ocean
Susana Agustí
Sci. Mar. 58(1-2) : 109-117 Abstract PDF
Underwater light field and phytoplankton distribution during a daily cycle in the Ría of Vigo (NW Spain)
F.L. Figueroa, F. Jiménez-Gómez, M.L. Villarino, J. Rodríguez and F.G. Figueiras
Sci. Mar. 58(1-2) : 119-130 Abstract PDF
Size-fractionated primary productivity and biomass in the Galician shelf (NW Spain): Netplankton versus nanoplankton dominance
Antonio Bode, Benita Casas and Manuel Varela
Sci. Mar. 58(1-2) : 131-141 Abstract PDF
Trophic interactions in the microbial food web at a coastal station in the Alboran Sea (Western Mediterranean) in winter. (I): Microplankton grazing impact on nanoplankton and free bacteria
Begoña Bautista, Valeriano Rodríguez and Francisco Jiménez-Gómez
Sci. Mar. 58(1-2) : 143-152 Abstract PDF
Trophic interactions in the microbial food web at a coastal station in the Alboran Sea (Western Mediterranean) in winter. (II): Size selective flagellate feeding on bacteria and its implication on the microbial loop size-structure
Francisco Jiménez-Gómez, Valeriano Rodríguez and Begoña Bautista
Sci. Mar. 58(1-2) : 153-159 Abstract PDF
Secondary production of a congeneric species assemblage of Acartia (Copepoda: Calanoida): A calculation based on the size-frequency distribution
Francisco Guerrero and Valeriano Rodríguez
Sci. Mar. 58(1-2) : 161-167 Abstract PDF
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Sci. Mar. 58(1-2) : 168-168 Abstract PDF
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