Aspects of hydrozoan biology
Jean Bouillon
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3) : 97-97 Abstract PDF
Active and Passive Factors Affecting Aggregations of Hydromedusae: A review
Mary Needler Arai
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3) : 99-108 Abstract PDF
Influence of Agulhas waters on the population structure of planktonic Cnidarians in the southern Benguela Region
Francesc Pagčs and J.M. Gili
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3) : 109-123 Abstract PDF
Worldwide Distribution of the Stylasteridae (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa)
Stephen D. Cairns
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3) : 125-130 Abstract PDF
The mesogloea (extracellular matrix) of hydrozoans can be species-specific for cell attachment and cell migration: a new tool for taxonomists?
V. Schmid, P. Schuchert, S. Piraino and F. Boero
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3) : 131-136 Abstract PDF
Bi-directional conversion in Turritopsis nutricula (Hydrozoa)
G. Bavestrello, C. Sommer and M. Sarŕ
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3) : 137-140 Abstract PDF
Halocoryne epizoica (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa) a hydroid that "bites"
Stefano Piraino, J. Bouillon and F. Boero
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3) : 141-147 Abstract PDF
Four Bivalve-Inhabiting Hydrozoans in Japan Differing in Range and Host Preference
Shin Kubota
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3) : 149-159 Abstract PDF
The population dynamics of Halecium petrosum and Halecium pusillum (Hydrozoa, Cnidaria), epiphytes of Halimeda tuna in the nortwestern Mediterranean
R. Coma, I. Llobet, M. Zabala, J.M. Gili and R.G. Hughes
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3) : 161-169 Abstract PDF
Some consideration concerning the genus Cladocarpus (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa)
Fran Ramil and Wim Vervoort
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3) : 171-176 Abstract PDF
Sexual dimorphism in Aglaophenia tubulifera and Aglaophenia lophocarpa (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa)
Armin Svoboda
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3) : 177-183 Abstract PDF
Foraging mode and energetics of hydrozoan medusae
John Costello
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3) : 185-191 Abstract PDF
Occurrence of a Hemolytic Protein Toxin in Nematocysts of a Marine Benthic Hydroid, Halocordyle disticha (Goldfuss)
William R. Kem and Carina Östman
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3) : 193-203 Abstract PDF
Larval biology and dispersal of Eudendrium racemosum (Hydrozoa, Eudendriidae)
Christian Sommer
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3) : 205-211 Abstract PDF
Observations on the hydroid fauna of the Kurile Islands
Alexander E. Antsulevich
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3) : 213-216 Abstract PDF
The hydroid community of Amphibolis seagrasses in south-eastern and south-western Australia
Jeanette E. Watson
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3) : 217-227 Abstract PDF
Cloning and dispersal by buoyant autotomised hydranths of a Thecate hydroid (Cnidaria; Hydrozoa)
Nicole Gravier-Bonnet
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3) : 229-236 Abstract PDF
A method for the transportation, long term preservation and storage of gelatinous planktonic organisms
Edwin Van Impe
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3) : 237-238 Abstract PDF
Close-up photography of marine life on board research vessels
Armin Svoboda
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3) : 239-244 Abstract PDF
Medusa loss in leptolid Hydrozoa (Cnidaria), hydroid rafting, and abbreviated life-cycles among their remote-island faunae: an interim review
Paul F.S. Cornelius
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3) : 245-261 Abstract PDF
Habitat differentiation among epiphytic hydroids of the seagrass Posidonia oceanica from the Medes Islands (NE Catalonia, Spain)
Antoni García Rubies
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3) : 263-267 Abstract PDF
Morphological adaptations of the perisarc of the intertidal hydroid Dynamena pumila to reduce damage and enhance feeding efficiency
R.G. Hughes
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3) : 269-277 Abstract PDF
Non-Siphonophoran Hydrozoa: what are we talking about?
Bouillon, J., F. Boero, F. Cicogna, J.M. Gili and R.G. Hughes
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3) : 279-284 Abstract PDF
Taxonomic index, Author index, Subject index
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3) : 285-285 Abstract PDF
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