Salt incorporated diets for enhancing growth performance and survival in gilthead sea bream Sparus aurata L. juveniles reared in low saline brackish water
Samuel Appelbaum and Antonysiluvai Jesuarockiaraj

Following previous observations, this study was undertaken to determine the level of salt required in the diet of gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata L.) juveniles in order to enhance growth performances and survival when rearing in inland brackish water with a salinity of 2.9‰ TDS (Total Dissolved Salts). The juveniles were reared for 10 weeks in twelve rearing tanks, each stocked with 65 fish. Four different test diets were prepared: a control diet without added salt, and three diets with 12%, 14% and 16% added salt. Fish were fed by hand ad libitum three times daily. All diets were accepted equally well. The highest growth rate (p<0.05) was achieved in fish fed the 12% diet followed by the 14% diet, the control diet, and finally the 16% diet. The 12% diet produced the best specific growth rate, feed conversion ratio and protein efficiency ratio. The highest survival was achieved in fish fed the 12% diet (88%) and the lowest in fish fed the 16% diet (80%) and the control diet (80%). This study demonstrates that growth performance and survival in gilthead sea bream reared in water of low salinity can be significantly improved by adding 12% salt to their diet.

Keywords: gilthead sea bream, salt-added diet, growth and survival, low salinity, brackish water, geothermal water, arid land aquaculture
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