Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2): 2005 368 pages
The Magellan-Antarctic connection: links and frontiers at high southern latitudes
Edited by Wolf E. Arntz, Gustavo A. Lovrich and Sven Thatje

The heritage of Gondwana, as reflected by the present-day fauna and flora in the Antarctic, Subantarctic and Magellan region, is subject to rapid climate change at lower latitudes whereas conditions still appear stable in the high Antarctic. In view of retreating glaciers, collapsing ice shelves, decreasing temperature contrasts and increasing latitudinal biotic exchange, improved knowledge of climate effects in the past, the actual status quo and the processes underway is urgently required to respond to questions concerning future development. This is the goal of IBMANT (Biological Interaction between the Antarctic and the Magellan Region). This second IBMANT volume summarizes recent advances in ecology, palaeontology, taxonomy and environmental background studies related to interactions and gradients between the Antarctic and the Cono Sur. It represents the Proceedings of the Second International IBMANT Conference organised jointly by the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (Germany) and the Centro Austral de Investigaciones Científicas (CADIC, Argentina), and held at the CADIC, Ushuaia in October 2003.

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