Sci. Mar. 66(Suppl.3): 2002 258 pages
Marine benthic algae of Namibia
Jordi Rull Lluch
Edited by Ana Gordoa/Jordi Rull

The work presents the first comprehensive study of the marine benthic flora of Namibia, including descriptions and illustrations of most species. The work begins with an introduction, including a historical background of the study of the marine algae in Namibia and the main geological, climatic and oceanographic features of its coastline. This is followed by a section on methodology, and then a current, revised check-list of Namibian marine benthic algae, with comments and explanatory remarks on many taxa. The study continues with an extensive systematic account, which contains a thorough descriptions of the habit and the vegetative and reproductive structures of more than one hundred species of flora. Each description is accompanied by one or more illustrations (pictures and drawings) and a map of the local distribution of the plant, which is listed in an appendix at the end of the work. The world distribution, as well as several bibliographical references and taxonomical remarks, are also provided for each taxon. Moreover, when a genus or a species consists of more than one taxon, a key for their identification is provided. The systematic account is followed by a biogeographical chapter, in which the possible origin of the flora of Benguela, of which the Namibian flora is part, is commented and a historical review of biogeographical studies on the Namibian coasts is presented. Moreover, a detailed biogeographical analysis of the marine benthic flora of Namibia is developed on the basis of its 196 currently accepted taxa. The monograph, which ends with an extensive bibliographical chapter, is completed with two appendixes (that of the local distribution maps of the species already mentioned, and another with identification keys to the genera of marine benthic algae in Namibia) and four colour plates of some representative species of flora.

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