Sci. Mar. 55(1): 1991 383 pages
Guide to Ichthyoplankton of the Southeast Atlantic (Benguela Current Region)
Maria Pilar Olivar, José Manuel Fortuño

This monograph compliles and presents all available information on both the early development stages (eggs and larvae) of the teleost fish species that inhabit the Southeast Atlantic (Benguela current region), and their spawning areas and seasons. The present guide sets out descriptions of fish eggs and larvae supplemented by figs. that depict the different stages of development. Information has also been included regarding the ultrastructure of the eggs gathered in the study area. Maps have been provided showing the distribution of the eggs and larvae of the species collected in the course of 13 cruises carried out in the area by the Instituto de Ciencias del Mar (Barcelona) and the Sea Fisheries Research Institute (Cape Town).

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