Sci. Mar. 86(4): 2022 75 pages
Iberoamerican Fisheries and Fish Reproductive Ecology
Edited by Nixon Bahamon, Rosario Domínguez-Petit, Jorge Paramo, Fran Saborido-Rey and Arturo Acero P.

This special volume of Scientia Marina gathers the most important research results presented at the 5th edition of the Ibero-American Symposium on Reproductive Ecology, Recruitment and Fisheries (SIBECORP) organized by the Ibero-American Research Network for the Sustainable Use of Fisheries Resources (INVIPESCA Network) and held in Santa Marta (Colombia).

The works included are developed around the four fundamental pillars of fisheries ecology targeted by SIBECORP: the study of the reproductive strategies of exploited species; the quantification of reproductive potential and the causes of its variation as a key aspect of reproductive resilience; the influence of reproductive potential on reproductive success and recruitment to the fishery; and the development of management measures to preserve reproductive potential.

These works provide relevant information on the mechanisms that explain the reproductive success of exploited marine species, helping to improve their management by offering perspectives from very diverse research fields, such as physiology and bioenergetics, analysis of spatio-temporal changes in reproductive parameters, parental effects and temporal variations in spawning area location and extension, and several methodological approaches.

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