Sci. Mar. 60(4): 1996
Análisis del tamaño de las presas en la dieta de las larvas de cuatro clupeiformes en un área costera de Chile central
A. Llanos, G. Herrera and P. Bernal
Sci. Mar. 60(4) : 435-442 Abstract PDF
Reproductive cycle of Loligo sanpaulensis Brakoniecki, 1984 (Cephalopoda: Loliginidae) in southern Brazil
J.M. Andriguetto and M. Haimovici
Sci. Mar. 60(4) : 443-450 Abstract PDF
Meteorological tides and their relationship with tidal semidiurnal residues
M. Bruno, R. Mańanes, J.J. Alonso and L. Tejedor
Sci. Mar. 60(4) : 451-459 Abstract PDF
"In Situ" natural mortality of the tehuelche scallop, Aequipecten tehuelchus (d'Orb., 1846), from San José Gulf (Argentina)
N.F. Ciocco
Sci. Mar. 60(4) : 461-468 Abstract PDF
The larval morphology of Pollicipes pollicipes (Gmelin, 1790) (Cirripedia: Lepadomorpha) with notes on cypris settlement
M. Kugele and A.B. Yule
Sci. Mar. 60(4) : 469-480 Abstract PDF
Bathymetric distribution and recruitment patterns of Phycis blennoides (Pisces: Gadidae) from the slope of the northwestern Mediterranean
E. Massutí, B. Morales-Nin and D. Lloris
Sci. Mar. 60(4) : 481-488 Abstract PDF
Seasonal changes in the biochemical composition of the muscle and liver of bib (Trisopterus luscus L.) (Pisces, Gadidae) from the Cantabrian Sea (N Spain)
C.R. Merayo
Sci. Mar. 60(4) : 489-495 Abstract PDF
Superornatiremidae fam. nov. (Copepoda: Harpacticoida): An enigmatic family from North Atlantic anchihaline caves
R. Huys
Sci. Mar. 60(4) : 497-542 Abstract PDF
Ondas internas en la plataforma frente a la Ría de Vigo, y posibles consecuencias ecológicas.
S. Fraga
Sci. Mar. 60(4) : 543-547 Abstract PDF
Isolation of Acanthamoeba spp. in intensive aquaculture areas of Vigo estuary (NW, Spain)
M. Lloves, B. Lores, S. Pascual, C. Arias and E. Paniagua
Sci. Mar. 60(4) : 549-551 Abstract PDF
First record of the trypanorhynchidean parasite Nybelinia lingualis Cuvier, 1817 in the squid Todaropsis eblanae (Cephalopoda: Ommastrephidae)
S. Pascual, C. Arias and A. Guerra
Sci. Mar. 60(4) : 553-555 Abstract PDF
Obituary: Antonia Cruz Rodríguez (1948-1996)
Miquel Alcaraz and Isabel Trepat
Sci. Mar. 60(4) : 433-433 Abstract PDF
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