Sci. Mar. 59(1): 1995
Population dynamics of the hymenosomatid crab Elamnopsis kempi in a brackish subtidal region of Basrah, Iraq
Malik H. Ali, Salman D. Salman and A.Y. Al-Adhub
Sci. Mar. 59(1) : 1-13 Abstract PDF
Aspects on the reproductive biology of the Western Mediterranean anchovy from the coasts of Málaga (Alboran Sea)
Ana Giraldez and Rogelio Abad
Sci. Mar. 59(1) : 15-23 Abstract PDF
Pigment composition of Heterocapsa sp. and Thalassiosira weissflogii growing in batch cultures under different irradiances
Mikel Latasa
Sci. Mar. 59(1) : 25-37 Abstract PDF
A population study of Naineris laevigata (Polychaeta, Orbiniidae) in a fluctuating environment (Mediterranean Sea)
Adriana Giangrande and Simonetta Fraschetti
Sci. Mar. 59(1) : 39-48 Abstract PDF
Temporal variation of the biomass and structure of Caulerpa prolifera (Forsskal) Lamouroux meadows in the Mar Menor lagoon (SE Spain)
Jorge Terrados and J.D. Ros
Sci. Mar. 59(1) : 49-56 Abstract PDF
Patterns of primary growth increments in otoliths of Sparus aurata larvae in relation to water temperature and food consumption
Beatriz Morales-Nin, Emilia Gutiérrez and Sofia Massutí
Sci. Mar. 59(1) : 57-64 Abstract PDF
The life cycle of Pteroclava krempfi (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa, Cladocorynidae), with notes on Asyncoryne philippina (Asyncorynidae)
F. Boero, J. Bouillon and N. Gravier-Bonnet
Sci. Mar. 59(1) : 65-76 Abstract PDF
Larval development and allozyme variation in the East Atlantic Columbella (Gastropoda: Prosobranchia: Columbellidae)
Marco Oliverio
Sci. Mar. 59(1) : 77-86 Abstract PDF
Growth of immature false southern king crab, Paralomis granulosa (Anomura, Lithodidae), in the Beagle Channel, Argentina
Gustavo A. Lovrich and Julio H. Vinuesa
Sci. Mar. 59(1) : 87-94 Abstract PDF
Non-pelagic development of Capitella capitata (Polychaeta) in the littoral zone of Barcelona, Spain
Nuria Méndez
Sci. Mar. 59(1) : 95-101 Abstract PDF
Boury-Esnault, N., M. Pansini and M.-J. Uriz. - 1994. Spongiaires bathyaux de la mer d'Alboran et du golfe ibero-marocain. Memoires du Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Tome 160, Zoologie. Editions du Museum national d'Histoire naturelle, Paris
R.W.M. van Soest
Sci. Mar. 59(1) : 102-102 Abstract PDF
Alcover, J.A., E. Ballesteros and J.J. Fornos (eds.). - 1993. Historia natural de I'arxipelag de Cabrera. Editorial Moll. Palma de Mallorca,
Joandomènec Ros
Sci. Mar. 59(1) : 102-102 Abstract PDF
Zabala, M. and P. Maluquer. - 1988. Illustrated keys for the classification of Mediterranean Bryozoa.Treballs del Museu de Zoologia, Barcelona,
Josep Mª Gili
Sci. Mar. 59(1) : 102-102 Abstract PDF
M. Canals and E. Gracia (eds). - 1994. Oceanic Ridges. Acta Geológica Hispánica, vol. 27
Albert Palanques
Sci. Mar. 59(1) : 102-102 Abstract PDF
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