Sci. Mar. 56(1): 1992
Comparative study of two populations of Anguilla anguilla (Linnaeus, 1758) eels from French Mediterranean lagoons (Bages-Sigean and Canet-Saint-Nazaire): age and population structure
Achmar Mallawa and Raymonde Lecomte-Finiger
Sci. Mar. 56(1) : 1-6 Abstract PDF
Growth of Mackerel (Scomber japonicus Houttuyn, 1782) from the Buenos Aires-north patagonian region (Argentine Sea)
Ricardo G. Perrotta
Sci. Mar. 56(1) : 7-16 Abstract PDF
Standardization of fishing effort using principal component analysis of vessel characteristics: the mexican tuna purse-seiners
Sofía Ortega-García and Víctor M. Gómez-Muñoz
Sci. Mar. 56(1) : 17-20 Abstract PDF
Pycnogonid ecology in the Mar Menor (Murcia, SW Mediterranean)
Angel Pérez-Ruzafa and Tomas Munilla
Sci. Mar. 56(1) : 21-28 Abstract PDF
Calculation of runoff to an estuary. Ria de Vigo
A.F. Ríos, M.A. Nombela, F.F. Pérez, G. Roson and F. Fraga
Sci. Mar. 56(1) : 29-33 Abstract PDF
Age, growth and population structure of Solea senegalensis Kaup, 1858 (Pisces, Soleidae) in the Ria Formosa (Algarve, Portugal)
José Pedro Andrade
Sci. Mar. 56(1) : 35-41 Abstract PDF
Exogoninae (Polychaeta: Syllidae) from the Canary Islands
Jorge Núñez, Guillermo San Martín and M.C. Brito
Sci. Mar. 56(1) : 43-52 Abstract PDF
Growth study of the yellow clam Mesodesma mactroides: a comparative analysis of three length-based methods
Omar Defeo, Francisco Arreguín-Sánchez and Julio Sánchez
Sci. Mar. 56(1) : 53-59 Abstract PDF
Reproductive cycle of Manila clam, Ruditapes philippinarum (Adams & Reeve 1850) in Ria de Vigo (NW Spain)
E. Rodríguez-Moscoso, J.P. Pazo, A. García and F. Fernández-Cortés
Sci. Mar. 56(1) : 61-67 Abstract PDF
Benthopelagic habits of adult specimens of Lampanyctus crocodilus (Risso, 1810) (Osteichthyes, Myctophidae) in the western Mediterranean deep slope
Constantino Stefanescu and Joan E. Cartes
Sci. Mar. 56(1) : 69-74 Abstract PDF
Views on the biomass and distribution of Chrysaora hysoscella (Linné, 1766) and Aequorea aequorea (Forskal, 1775) off Namibia, 1982-1989
Fearon, J.J., A.J. Boyd and F.H. Schülein
Sci. Mar. 56(1) : 75-85 Abstract PDF
Biochemical parameters during reproduction of the toad fish, Halobatrachus didactylus (Schneider, 1801)
M. Rosety, M. Blanco, M.L. González de Canales, A. Grau and M.C. Sarasquete
Sci. Mar. 56(1) : 87-94 Abstract PDF
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