Oceanography of the Bay of Biscay
Sci. Mar. 70S1: 2006
X.A.G. Morán, J.M. Rodríguez and P. Petitgas
Sci. Mar. 70S1 : 5-6 Abstract PDF
Analysis of salinity measurements near islands on the French continental shelf of the Bay of Biscay
Pascal Lazure, Anne-Marie Jegou and Michel Kerdreux
Sci. Mar. 70S1 : 7-14 Abstract PDF
Mesoscale hydrological variability induced by northwesterly wind on the French continental shelf of the Bay of Biscay
Ingrid Puillat, Pascal Lazure, Anne-Marie Jegou, Luis Lampert and Peter Miller
Sci. Mar. 70S1 : 15-26 Abstract PDF
Lagrangian circulation of the North Atlantic Central Water over the abyssal plain and continental slopes of the Bay of Biscay: description of selected mesoscale features
Alain Serpette, Bernard Le Cann and François Colas
Sci. Mar. 70S1 : 27-42 Abstract PDF
Typology of hydrological structures modelled and observed over the Bay of Biscay shelf
Benjamin Planque, Pascal Lazure and Anne-Marie Jegou
Sci. Mar. 70S1 : 43-50 Abstract PDF
Marine hydrodynamics between San Sebastián and Hondarribia (Guipúzcoa, northern Spain): Field measurements and numerical modelling
A. Fontán, J. Mader, M. González, A. Uriarte, P. Gyssels and M.. Collins
Sci. Mar. 70S1 : 51-63 Abstract PDF
Internal tides modelling in the bay of Biscay. Comparisons with observations
Annick Pichon and Stephanie Correard
Sci. Mar. 70S1 : 65-88 Abstract PDF
Instability and deformation in the sedimentary cover on the upper slope of the southern Aquitaine continental margin, north of the Capbreton canyon (Bay of Biscay)
Eliane Gonthier, Pierre Cirac, Jean-Claude Faugeres, Michel Cremer, Jean-François Bourillet and Mathieu Gaudina
Sci. Mar. 70S1 : 89-100 Abstract PDF
Marsh development and sea level changes in the Gernika Estuary (southern Bay of Biscay): foraminifers as tidal indicators
Ana Pascual and Julio Rodriguez-Lazaro
Sci. Mar. 70S1 : 101-117 Abstract PDF
Seasonal variation of mesozooplankton biomass, abundance and copepod grazing in the central Cantabrian Sea (southern Bay of Biscay)
Iñaki Huskin, Eva López, Leticia Viesca and Ricardo Anadón
Sci. Mar. 70S1 : 119-130 Abstract PDF
Analysis of feeding of Sardina pilchardus (Walbaum, 1792) larval stages in the central Cantabrian Sea
Itziar Munuera Fernandez and Rafael Gonzalez-Quiros
Sci. Mar. 70S1 : 131-139 Abstract PDF
Flabelligena gascognensis sp. nov. (Polychaeta: Acrocirridae), a new species from the Capbreton Canyon (Bay of Biscay, NE Atlantic)
Florencio Aguirrezabalaga and Argiloa Ceberio
Sci. Mar. 70S1 : 141-147 Abstract PDF
Epibenthic communities of trawlable grounds of the Cantabrian Sea
Alberto Serrano, Francisco Sánchez and Gerardo García-Castrillo
Sci. Mar. 70S1 : 149-159 Abstract PDF
Hydro-plankton characteristics and their relationship with sardine and anchovy distributions on the French shelf of the Bay of Biscay
Pierre Petitgas, Jacques Masse, Paul. Bourriau, Pierre Beillois, Daniel Delmas, Alain Herbland, Noussithe Koueta, Jean Maire Froidefond and Maria Santos
Sci. Mar. 70S1 : 161-172 Abstract PDF
Discards of Spanish trawler fleets operating in the Bay of Biscay in 2000
Laura Lema, Nélida Pérez and Hortensia Araujo
Sci. Mar. 70S1 : 173-181 Abstract PDF
Growth and condition of juvenile sole (Solea solea L.) as indicators of habitat quality in coastal and estuarine nurseries in the Bay of Biscay with a focus on sites exposed to Erika oil spill
Camille Gilliers, Olivier Le Pape, Yves Desaunay, Jean-Pierre Bergeron, Nathalie Schreiber, Daniel Guerault and Rachid Amara
Sci. Mar. 70S1 : 183-192 Abstract PDF
Changes in occurrence and abundance of northern / southern flatfishes over a 20-year period in a coastal nursery area (Bay of Vilaine) and on the eastern continental shelf of the Bay of Biscay
Yves Désaunay, Daniel Guérault, Olivier Le Pape and Jean-Charles Poulard
Sci. Mar. 70S1 : 193-200 Abstract PDF
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Sci. Mar. 70S1 : 201-208 Abstract PDF
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