The Magellan-Antarctic connection: links and frontiers at high southern latitudes
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2): 2005
W.E. Arntz, G.A. Lovrich and S. Thatje
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 3-5 Abstract PDF
Mesoscale eddies in the Subantarctic Front-Southwest Atlantic
P. D. Glorioso, A. R. Piola and R. R. Leben
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 7-15 Abstract PDF
Diversity and endemism in cold waters of the South Atlantic: contrasting patterns in the plankton and the benthos
D. Boltovskoy, N. Correa and A. Boltovskoy
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 17-26 Abstract PDF
Mesozooplankton assemblages in two bays in the Beagle Channel (Argentina) during January, 2001
M. D. Fernández-Severini and M. S. Hoffmeyer
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 27-37 Abstract PDF
The role of zooplankton in the pelagic-benthic coupling of the Southern Ocean
Sigrid B. Schnack-Schiel and Enrique Isla
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 39-55 Abstract PDF
Marine research in the Latitudinal Gradient Project along Victoria Land, Antarctica
P. A. Berkman, R. Cattaneo-Vietti, M. Chiantore, C. Howard-Williams, V. Cummings and R. Kvitek
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 57-63 Abstract PDF
Changing chain: past, present and future of the Scotia Arc's and Antarctica's shallow benthic communities
David K. A. Barnes
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 65-89 Abstract PDF
Distribution patterns of Chilean shallow-water sea anemones (Cnidaria: Anthozoa: Actiniaria, Corallimorpharia); with a discussion of the taxonomic and zoogeographic relationships between the actinofauna of the South East Pacific, the South West Atlantic and the Antarctic
V. Häussermann and G. Försterra
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 91-102 Abstract PDF
Scotia Arc bryozoans from the LAMPOS expedition: a narrow bridge between two different faunas
Hugo I. Moyano G.
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 103-112 Abstract PDF
The bivalves from the Scotia Arc islands: species richness and faunistic affinities
Diego G. Zelaya
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 113-122 Abstract PDF
Distributional patterns of shallow-water polychaetes in the Magellan region: a zoogeographical and ecological synopsis
A. Montiel, D. Gerdes and W.E. Arntz
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 123-133 Abstract PDF
Influence of biotic and abiotic sediment factors on abundance and biomass of harpacticoid copepods in a shallow Antarctic bay
Gritta Veit-Köhler
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 135-145 Abstract PDF
Sublittoral and bathyal Harpacticoida (Crustacea, Copepoda) of the Magellan region. Composition, distribution and species diversity of selected major taxa
Kai Horst George
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 147-158 Abstract PDF
The shallow-water Asellota (Crustacea: Isopoda) from the Beagle Channel: Preliminary taxonomic and zoogeographical results
B. L. Doti, D. Roccatagliata and D. G. Zelaya
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 159-166 Abstract PDF
Species richness and faunistic affinities of the Gammaridea and Corophiidea (Amphipoda) from shallow waters of southern Tierra del Fuego, Argentina: preliminary results
I. L. Chiesa, G. M. Alonso and D. G. Zelaya
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 167-174 Abstract PDF
Cryptic speciation in the giant Antarctic isopod Glyptonotus antarcticus (Isopoda, Valvifera, Chaetiliidae)
C. Held and J.-W. Wägele
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 175-181 Abstract PDF
Distribution, reproductive and energetic conditions of decapod crustaceans along the Scotia Arc (Southern Ocean)
G. A. Lovrich, M. C. Romero, F. Tapella and S. Thatje
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 183-193 Abstract PDF
On the distribution of decapod crustaceans from the Magellan Biogeographic Province and the Antarctic region
Enrique E. Boschi and María A. Gavio
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 195-200 Abstract PDF
Biodiversity of Antarctic echinoids: a comprehensive and interactive database
B. David, T. Choné, A. Festeau, R. Mooi and C. de Ridder
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 201-203 Abstract PDF
Ascidians (Tunicata, Ascidiacea): species distribution along the Scotia Arc
M. Tatiàn, J. Antacli and R. Sahade
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 205-214 Abstract PDF
Zoogeographical relationships of the littoral ascidiofauna at the Antarctic Peninsula, in the Scotia Arc and in the Magellan region
A. A. Ramos-Esplá, J. Cárcel and M. Varela
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 215-223 Abstract PDF
Soft-bottom macrobenthic faunal associations in the southern Chilean glacial fjord complex
C. Ríos, E. Mutschke, A. Montiel, D. Gerdes and W. E. Arntz
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 225-236 Abstract PDF
The Antarctic-Magellan connection: macrobenthos ecology on the shelf and upper slope, a progress report
Wolf E. Arntz, Sven Thatje, Dieter Gerdes, Josep-Maria Gili, Julian Gutt, U. Jacob, Américo Montiel, Covadonga Orejas and Núria Teixidó
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 237-269 Abstract PDF
Constraints and trade-offs in climate-dependent adaptation: energy budgets and growth in a latitudinal cline
H.O. Pörtner, D. Storch and O. Heilmayer
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 271-285 Abstract PDF
Oxidative stress and antioxidant defences generated by solar UV in a Subantarctic marine phytoflagellate
M. Hernando, G. Malanga and G. A. Ferreyra
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 287-295 Abstract PDF
Oxidative stress in gills of limpets from the Beagle Channel: comparison with limpets from the Antarctic
G. Malanga, M. S. Estevez, J. Calvo, D. Abele and S. Puntarulo
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 297-304 Abstract PDF
Somatic energy content and histological analysis of the gonads in Antarctic fish from the Scotia Arc
F. A. Vanella, J. Calvo, E. R. Morriconi and D. R. Aureliano
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 305-316 Abstract PDF
Influence of temperature, habitat and body mass on routine metabolic rates of Subantarctic teleosts
F. A. Vanella and J. Calvo
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 317-323 Abstract PDF
Muscle growth in Antarctic and Subantarctic notothenioid fishes
D.A. Fernández, J. Calvo and I.A. Johnston
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 325-336 Abstract PDF
Quaternary molluscan faunas from the island of Tierra del Fuego after the Last Glacial Maximum
S. Gordillo, A. M. J. Coronato and J. O. Rabassa
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 337-348 Abstract PDF
Shallow-water late middle Eocene crinoids from Tierra del Fuego: a new southern record of a retrograde community structure
N. Malumián and E. B. Olivero
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 349-353 Abstract PDF
Thoughts on controls on evolution and dispersal of benthos in the Magellan-Scotia Sea region: a workshop proposal
Michael R.A. Thomson
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 355-358 Abstract PDF
The Magellan-Antarctic Connection: links and frontiers at southern high latitudes. Summary review
Wolf E. Arntz
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 359-368 Abstract PDF
Subject index
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2) : 369-373 Abstract PDF
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