Mediterranean deep-sea biology
Sci. Mar. 68(Suppl.3): 2004
Paul Tyler
Sci. Mar. 68(Suppl.3) : 1-3 Abstract PDF
An introduction to Mediterranean deep-sea biology
Francesc Sardŕ, Antoni Calafat, Mar Flexas, Anastasios Tselepides, Miquel Canals, Manuel Espino and Angelo Tursi
Sci. Mar. 68(Suppl.3) : 7-38 Abstract PDF
Distribution of meiobenthos at bathyal depths in the Mediterranean Sea. A comparison between sites of contrasting productivity
Anastasios Tselepides, Nikolaos Lampadariou and Eleni Hatziyanni
Sci. Mar. 68(Suppl.3) : 39-51 Abstract PDF
Indications of low macrobenthic activity in the deep sediments of the eastern Mediterranean Sea
D. Basso, J. Thomson and C. Corselli
Sci. Mar. 68(Suppl.3) : 53-62 Abstract PDF
The limit of the sea: the bathyal fauna of the Levantine Sea
Bella S. Galil
Sci. Mar. 68(Suppl.3) : 63-72 Abstract PDF
Deep-sea decapod crustaceans in the western and central Mediterranean Sea: preliminary aspects of species distribution, biomass and population structure
J.B. Company, A. Tselepides, P. Maiorano, F. Sardŕ, G. Rotllant and C.Y. Politou
Sci. Mar. 68(Suppl.3) : 73-86 Abstract PDF
Deep-water fish assemblages in the Mediterranean Sea
Gianfranco d'Onghia, Chrissi-Yianna Politou, Anna Bozzano, Domingo Lloris, Guiomar Rotllant, Letizia Sion and Francesco Mastrototaro
Sci. Mar. 68(Suppl.3) : 87-99 Abstract PDF
Mediterranean and Atlantic deep-sea fish assemblages: differences in biomass composition and size-related structure
Enric Massutí, John D.M. Gordon, Joan Moranta, Sarah C. Swan, Constantí Stefanescu and Nigel R. Merrett
Sci. Mar. 68(Suppl.3) : 101-115 Abstract PDF
Deep-sea distribution, biological and ecological aspects of Aristeus antennatus ( Risso, 1816) in the western and central Mediterranean Sea
F.Sardŕ, G. D'Onghia, CY Politou, JB Company, P. Maiorano and K. Kapiris.
Sci. Mar. 68(Suppl.3) : 117-127 Abstract PDF
Deep-sea Mediterranean biology: the case of Aristaeomorpha foliacea (Risso, 1827) (Crustacea: Decapoda: Aristeidae)
C.Y Politou, K. Kapiris, P. Maiorano, F. Capezzuto and J. Dokos
Sci. Mar. 68(Suppl.3) : 129-139 Abstract PDF
Body fish size tendencies within and among species in the deep-sea of the western Mediterranean
J. Moranta, M. Palmer, E. Massutí, C. Stefanescu and B. Morales-Nin
Sci. Mar. 68(Suppl.3) : 141-152 Abstract PDF
Chondrichthyes species in deep waters of the Mediterranean Sea
Letizia Sion, Anna Bozzano, Gianfranco d'Onghia, Francesca Capezzuto and Michele Panza
Sci. Mar. 68(Suppl.3) : 153-162 Abstract PDF
Observations on the distribution, population structure and biology of Bathypterois mediterraneus Bauchot, 1962 in three areas of the Mediterranean Sea
Gianfranco d'Onghia, Domingo Lloris, Letizia Sion, Francesca Capezzuto and Mary Labropoulou
Sci. Mar. 68(Suppl.3) : 163-170 Abstract PDF
New records of deep-water teleost fish in the Balearic Sea and Ionian Sea (Mediterranean Sea)
Gianfranco d'Onghia, Domingo Lloris, Chrissi-Yianna Politou, Letizia Sion and John Dokos
Sci. Mar. 68(Suppl.3) : 171-183 Abstract PDF
Retinal specialisations in the dogfish Centroscymnus coelolepis from the Mediterranean deep-sea
A. Bozzano
Sci. Mar. 68(Suppl.3) : 185-195 Abstract PDF
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Sci. Mar. 68(Suppl.3) : 197-200 Abstract PDF
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