Mediterranean marine demersal resources: the Medits international trawl survey (1994-1999)
Sci. Mar. 66(Suppl.2): 2002
Jacques A. Bertrand
Sci. Mar. 66(Suppl.2) : 3-5 Abstract PDF
The general specifications of the MEDITS surveys
J.A. Bertrand, L. Gil de Sola, C. Papaconstantinou, G. Relini and A. Souplet.
Sci. Mar. 66(Suppl.2) : 9-17 Abstract PDF
Distribution of the Mediterranean hake populations (Merluccius merluccius smiridus Rafinesque, 1810) (Ostheichthyes: Gadiformes) based on six years monitoring by trawl-surveys: some implications for management
L. Orsi Relini, C. Papaconstantinou, S. Jukic-Peladic, A. Souplet, L. Gil de Sola, C. Piccinetti, S. Kavadas and M. Rossi.
Sci. Mar. 66(Suppl.2) : 21-38 Abstract PDF
Distribution of Mullus barbatus and M. surmuletus (Osteichthyes: Perciformes) in the Mediterranean continental shelf: implications for management
G. Tserpes, F. Fiorentino, D. Levi, A. Cau, M. Murenu, A. Zamboni and C. Papaconstantinou
Sci. Mar. 66(Suppl.2) : 39-54 Abstract PDF
Distribution, abundance and biological features of anglerfish (Lophius piscatoirus and Lophhius budegassa) (Osteichthyes: Lphiiformes) in the Mediterranean Sea
N. Ungaro, G. Marano, R. Auteri, A. Voliani, E. Massutí, M. García-Rodríguez and K. Osmani
Sci. Mar. 66(Suppl.2) : 55-63 Abstract PDF
Geographical distribution, abundance and some population characteristics of the species of the genus Pagellus (Osteichthyes: Percirformes) in different areas of the Mediterranean
M.T. Spedicato, S. Greco, K. Sophronidis, G. Lembo, D. Giordano and A. Argyri.
Sci. Mar. 66(Suppl.2) : 65-82 Abstract PDF
Distribution and abundance of Citharus linguatula, Lepidorhombus boscii (Risso, 1810) and Solea vulgaris, (Osteichthyes, Pleuronectiformes) in the Mediterranean Sea
P. Sartor, M. Sbrana, N. Ungaro, C.A. Marano, C. Piccinetti and G. Piccinetti Manfrin
Sci. Mar. 66(Suppl.2) : 83-102 Abstract PDF
MEDITS-based information on the deep water red shrimps Aristaeomorpha foliacea and Aristeus antennatus (Crustacea: Decapoda: Aristeidae)
A. Cau, A. Carbonell, M.C. Follesa, A. Mannini, G. Norrito, L. Orsi Relini, C.-Y. Politou, S. Ragonese and P. Rinelli
Sci. Mar. 66(Suppl.2) : 103-124 Abstract PDF
Geographical patterns in abundance and population structure of Nephrops norvegicus and Parapenaeus longirostris (Crustacea: Decapoda) along the European Mediterranean coasts
P. Abelló, A. Abella, A. Adamidou, S. Jukic-Peladic, P. Maiorano and M.T. Spedicato
Sci. Mar. 66(Suppl.2) : 125-141 Abstract PDF
Distribution and abundance of Eledone cirrhosa (Lamarck, 1798) and Eledone moschata (Lamarck, 1798) (Cephalopoda: Octopoda) in the Mediterranean Sea
P. Belcari, G. Tserpes, M. González, E. Lefkaditou, B. Marceta, G. Piccinetti Manfrin and A. Souplet
Sci. Mar. 66(Suppl.2) : 143-155 Abstract PDF
Distribution and abundance of Octopus vulgaris Cuvier, 1797 (Cephalopoda: Octopoda) in the Mediterranean Sea
P. Belcari, D. Cuccu, M. González, A. Srairi and P. Vidoris.
Sci. Mar. 66(Suppl.2) : 157-166 Abstract PDF
Depth trajectory and performance of a trawl used for an international bottom trawl survey in the Mediterranean
J.A. Bertrand, I. Leonori, P.-Y. Dremičre and G. Cosimi
Sci. Mar. 66(Suppl.2) : 169-182 Abstract PDF
Biogeography of epibenthic crustaceans on the shelf and upper slope off the Iberian Peninsula Mediterranean coasts: implications for the establishment of natural management areas
P. Abelló, A. Carbonell and P. Torres.
Sci. Mar. 66(Suppl.2) : 183-198 Abstract PDF
Cephalopod assemblages caught by trawling along the Iberian Peninsula mediterranean coast
M. González and P. Sánchez
Sci. Mar. 66(Suppl.2) : 199-208 Abstract PDF
Feeding guilds of western Mediterranean demersal fish and crustaceans: an analysis based in a spring survey
J.E. Cartes, P. Abelló, D. Lloris, A. Carbonell, P. Torres, F. Maynou and L. Gil de Sola
Sci. Mar. 66(Suppl.2) : 209-220 Abstract PDF
STATIS-CoA: A methodological solution to assess the spatio-temporal organization of species assemblages. Application to the demersal assemblages of the French Mediterranean Sea
J.C. Gaertner, J.A. Bertrand and A. Souplet
Sci. Mar. 66(Suppl.2) : 221-232 Abstract PDF
Analysis of demersal fish assemblages of the Tuscany and Latium coasts (north-western Mediterranean)
F. Biagi, P. Sartor, G.D. Ardizzone, P. Belcari, A. Belluscio and F. Serena.
Sci. Mar. 66(Suppl.2) : 233-242 Abstract PDF
Trends in the abundance of demersal species in the southern Aegean Sea
G. Tserpes and P. Peristeraki.
Sci. Mar. 66(Suppl.2) : 243-252 Abstract PDF
A procedure to evaluate the effect of lag-time in studying length structure and growth rate of young fish: the case of Phycis blennoides Brunnich, 1768 (Osteichthyes: Gadiformes) in the Central Mediterranean
S. Ragonese, F. Fiorentino, P. Rinelli and S. Greco
Sci. Mar. 66(Suppl.2) : 253-260 Abstract PDF
Author index, Taxonomic index, Subject index
P. Abelló, J.A. Bertrand, L. Gil de Sola, C. Papaconstantinou, G. Relini and A. Souplet
Sci. Mar. 66(Suppl.2) : 273-280 Abstract PDF
APPENDIXES. Appendix 1. List of scientists involved in cruises and data generation and elaboration Appendix 2. List of published articles based on MEDITS-generated data and material
P. Abelló, J.A. Bertrand, L. Gil de Sola, C. Papaconstantinou, G. Relini and A. Souplet
Sci. Mar. 66(Suppl.2) : 261-272 Abstract PDF
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