A marine science odyssey into the 21st century
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2): 2001
J.M. Gili, J.L. Pretus and T.T. Packard
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2) : 1-4 Abstract PDF
Emergence in pelagic communities
C.S. Reynolds
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2) : 5-30 Abstract PDF
Caught in the food web: complexity made simple?
Lawrence R. Pomeroy
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2) : 31-40 Abstract PDF
Marine diversity: the paradigms in patterns of species richness examined
John S. Gray
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2) : 41-56 Abstract PDF
Formation and fate of marine snow: small-scale processes with large- scale implications
Thomas Kiřrboe
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2) : 57-71 Abstract PDF
Conversaciones con Ramón: big questions for the millennium
Frank B. Golley
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2) : 73-84 Abstract PDF
The oceanic fixed nitrogen and nitrous oxide budgets: Moving targets as we enter the anthropocene?
L.A. Codispoti, J.A. Brandes, J.P. Christensen, A.H. Devol, S.W.A. Naqvi, H.W. Paerl and T. Yoshinari
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2) : 85-105 Abstract PDF
Marine benthic faunal successional stages and related sedimentary activity
Rutger Rosenberg
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2) : 107-119 Abstract PDF
Delivery and fate of fluvial water and sediment to the sea: a marine geologist's view of European rivers
John D. Milliman
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2) : 121-132 Abstract PDF
Gaia and the Mediterranean Sea
Kenneth J. Hsü
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2) : 133-140 Abstract PDF
Sources and fates of silicon in the ocean: the role of diatoms in the climate and glacial cycles
R.C. Dugdale and F.P. Wilkerson
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2) : 141-152 Abstract PDF
Phytoplanktonic biomass synthesis: application to deviations from Redfield stoichiometry
Fernando Fraga
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2) : 153-169 Abstract PDF
Community assembly and the emergence of ecosystem pattern
Simon A. Levin, Jonathan Dushoff and Juan E. Keymer
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2) : 171-179 Abstract PDF
Landscape challenges to ecosystem thinking: Creative flood and drought in the American Southwest
Stuart G. Fisher, Jill Welter, John Schade and Julia Henry
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2) : 181-192 Abstract PDF
Spirals on the sea
Walter Munk
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2) : 193-198 Abstract PDF
Natural History: the sense of wonder, creativity and progress in ecology
Paul K. Dayton and Enric Sala
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2) : 199-206 Abstract PDF
The top layers of water bodies, a most important although relatively neglected piece of the biosphere plumbing
Ramón Margalef
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2) : 207-213 Abstract PDF
Following up on a Margalevian concept: Interactions and exchanges among adjacent parcels of coastal landscapes
I. Valiela, J.L. Bowen, M.L. Cole, K.D. Kroeger, D. Lawrence, W.J. Pabich, G. Tomasky and S. Mazzilli
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2) : 215-229 Abstract PDF
Thermohaline feedback loops and Natural Capital
Tom Sawyer Hopkins
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2) : 231-256 Abstract PDF
The sedimentary record of dinoflagellate cysts: looking back into the future of phytoplankton blooms
Barrie Dale
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2) : 257-272 Abstract PDF
Unnatural Oceans
J.B.C. Jackson and E. Sala
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2) : 273-281 Abstract PDF
A case for tolerance in marine ecology: let us not put out the baby with the bathwater
W.E. Arntz and J.M. Gili
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2) : 283-299 Abstract PDF
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Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2) : 301-326 Abstract PDF
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