Biology and fisheries of dolphinfish and related species
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4): 1999
Enric Massutí and Beatriz Morales-Nin
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 0-0 Abstract PDF
Fish Attraction Devices (FADs) and experimental designs
M.J. Kingsford
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 181-190 Abstract PDF
Fish associated with fish aggregation devices off the Canary Islands (Central-East Atlantic)
J.J. Castro, J.A. Santiago and V. Hernández-García
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 191-198 Abstract PDF
Fish communities associated with FADs
S. Deudero, P. Merella, B. Morales-Nin, E. Massutí and F. Alemany
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 199-207 Abstract PDF
Traditional and experimental floating fish aggregating devices in the Gulf of Castellammare (NW Sicily): results from catches and visual observations
G. D'Anna, F. Badalamenti and S. Riggio
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 209-218 Abstract PDF
Fish fauna associated with floating objects sampled by experimental and commercial purse nets
E. Massutí, B. Morales-Nin and S. Deudero
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 219-227 Abstract PDF
Ichtyofauna associated with drifting floating objects in the Balearic Islands (Western Mediterranean)
F. Riera, A. Grau, A.M. Grau, E. Pastor, A. Quetglas and S. Pou
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 229-235 Abstract PDF
Apparent habitat extensions of dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus) in response to climate transients in the California Current
Jerrold G. Norton
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 239-260 Abstract PDF
Seasonal abundance of the dolphinfish, Coryphaena hippurus, in Hawaii and the tropical Pacific Ocean
S.A. Kraul
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 261-266 Abstract PDF
The ecology of and fishery for Coryphaena spp. in the waters around Australia and New Zealand
M.J. Kingsford and A. Defries
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 267-275 Abstract PDF
Biology of the dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus) in the western central Atlantic: a review
H.A. Oxenford
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 277-301 Abstract PDF
Feeding habits of the dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus) in the eastern Caribbean
H.A. Oxenford and W. Hunte
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 303-315 Abstract PDF
Growth and reproduction of the dolphinfish (Coryphaena equiselis and Coryphaena hippurus) in the Canary Islands, Central-East Atlantic (preliminary results)
J.J. Castro, J.A. Santiago, V. Hernández-García and C. Pla
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 317-325 Abstract PDF
Differences between the sagitta, lapillus and vertebra in estimating age and growth in juvenile Mediterranean dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus)
B. Morales-Nin, M. Di Stefano, A. Potoschi, E. Massutí, P. Rizzo and S. Gancitano
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 327-336 Abstract PDF
Genetic homogeneity of dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus) in the western Mediterranean and the eastern Atlantic
C. Pla and J.M. Pujolar
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 337-341 Abstract PDF
Parasitism of dolfinfhishes, Coryphaena hippurus and Coryphaena equiselis, in the western Mediterranean (Balearic Islands) and central-eastern Atlantic (Canary Islands)
E. Carbonell, E. Massutí, J.J. Castro and R.M. García
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 343-354 Abstract PDF
Population size structure, age and growth of Naucrates ductor in the small scale FADs fishery of Mallorca Island (western-Mediterranean)
O. Reñones, B. Morales-Nin and S. Deudero
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 355-366 Abstract PDF
Sexual development, maturity and reproduction of dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus) in the western and central Mediterranean
A. Potoschi, O. Reñones and L. Cannizzaro
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 367-372 Abstract PDF
Review of dolphinfish biological and fishing data in Japanese waters
R. Sakamoto and S. Kojima
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 375-385 Abstract PDF
Fisheries and biology of Coryphaena hippurus (Pisces: Coryphaenidae) in the Pacific coast of Colombia and Panama
J. Lasso and L. Zapata
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 387-399 Abstract PDF
The fishery, demographic size structure and oocyte development of dolphinfish, Coryphaena hippurus, in Venezuela and adjacent waters
F. Arocha, L.A. Marcano, A. Larez, D. Altuve and J. Alió
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 401-409 Abstract PDF
Dolphinfish fisheries in the Caribbean region
Robin Mahon
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 411-420 Abstract PDF
Characterization of the dolphinfish (Coryphaenidae) fishery of the United States western north Atlantic Ocean
N.B. Thompson
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 421-427 Abstract PDF
Precautionary assessment and management of dolphinfish in the Caribbean
R. Mahon and H.A. Oxenford
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 429-438 Abstract PDF
Sicilian dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus) fishery
A. Potoschi, L. Cannizzaro, A. Milazzo, M. Scalisi and G. Bono
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 439-445 Abstract PDF
Population dynamics and fishery of dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus) in the western Mediterranean
J. Lleonart, B. Morales-Nin, E. Massutí, S. Deudero and O. Reñones
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 447-457 Abstract PDF
Economic aspects of fishing of dolphinfish in Sicily
L. Cannizaro, F. D'Andrea, A. Potoschi and M. Scalisi
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 459-464 Abstract PDF
Dolphinfish fishery around the Maltese Islands
A. Vella
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 465-467 Abstract PDF
Small-scale Tunisian fishery for dolphinfish
J. Zaouali and H. Missaoui
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 469-472 Abstract PDF
Subject Index
Sci. Mar. 63(3-4) : 473-475 Abstract PDF
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