Ecology of marine molluscs
Sci. Mar. 61(Suppl.2): 1997
J.D. Ros and A. Guerra
Sci. Mar. 61(Suppl.2) : 1-4 Abstract PDF
Biology and description of Antisabia juliae sp. nov., new Hipponicid gastropod commensal on Turbo spp. in Laing Island (Papua New Guinea)
M. Poulicek, J.-C. Bussers and P. Vandewalle.
Sci. Mar. 61(Suppl.2) : 5-14 Abstract PDF
The population structure and ecology of the Antarctic scallop Adamussium colbecki (Smith, 1902) at Terra Nova Bay (Ross Sea, Antarctica)
R. Cattaneo-Vietti, M. Chiantore and G. Albertelli.
Sci. Mar. 61(Suppl.2) : 15-24 Abstract PDF
Life-history traits of the bivalve Spisula subtruncata (da Costa) in the Ligurian Sea (North-Western Mediterranean): The contribution of newly settled juveniles
S. Fraschetti, A. Covazzi, M. Chiantore and G. Albertelli
Sci. Mar. 61(Suppl.2) : 25-32 Abstract PDF
Reproduction of the jumbo flying squid, Dosidicus gigas (Orbigny, 1835) (Cephalopoda: Ommastrephidae) off Peruvian coasts
Ricardo Tafur and Miguel Rabí
Sci. Mar. 61(Suppl.2) : 33-37 Abstract PDF
Reproduction and growth of Mytilus edulis chilensis from the Falkland Islands
A.P. Gray, R. Seed and C.A. Richardson
Sci. Mar. 61(Suppl.2) : 39-48 Abstract PDF
Growth curves and specific growth rate of Concholepas concholepas (Bruguière, 1789) (Gastropoda: Muricidae) in culture experiments
Miguel Rabí and Carol Maraví
Sci. Mar. 61(Suppl.2) : 49-53 Abstract PDF
Phenology of molluscan pelagic larvae from the southern coastal waters of Crimea
V.V. Murina and J.N. Artemjeva
Sci. Mar. 61(Suppl.2) : 55-58 Abstract PDF
Tagging of the cuttlefish, Sepia officinalis L. (Cephalopoda: Decapoda), in the Gulf of Tunis
Soufia Ezzeddine-Najai
Sci. Mar. 61(Suppl.2) : 59-65 Abstract PDF
Hole drilling in crab and gastropod shells by Eledone cirrhosa (Lamarck, 1798)
N.W. Runham, C.J. Bailey, M. Carr, C.A. Evans and S. Malham
Sci. Mar. 61(Suppl.2) : 67-76 Abstract PDF
Effects of low level chlorination on the recruitment, behaviour and shell growth of Mytilus edulis Linnaeus in power station cooling water
I.S. Thompson, R. Seed, C.A. Richardson, L. Hui and G. Walker
Sci. Mar. 61(Suppl.2) : 77-85 Abstract PDF
Fish and cephalopods associated with the squid Loligo vulgaris Lamarck, 1798 in Portuguese waters
J.M.F. Pereira, M. Morais da Cunha and A. Moreno
Sci. Mar. 61(Suppl.2) : 87-97 Abstract PDF
Endosymbionts of mangrove oyster in nature and under cultivation
V.K. Machkevsky
Sci. Mar. 61(Suppl.2) : 99-107 Abstract PDF
Spread of the slipper limpet Crepidula fornicata (L. 1758) in Europe. Current state and consequences
Michel Blanchard
Sci. Mar. 61(Suppl.2) : 109-118 Abstract PDF
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Sci. Mar. 61(Suppl.2) : 119-123 Abstract PDF
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