The European anchovy and its environment
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2): 1996
Isabel Palomera and Pere Rubiés
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2) : 1-9 Abstract PDF
Physical processes and hydrological structures related to the Bay of Biscay anchovy
C. Koutsikopoulos and B. Le Cann
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2) : 9-19 Abstract PDF
Review of hydrographic environmental factors that may influence anchovy habitats in northwestern Mediterranean
Jordi Salat
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2) : 21-32 Abstract PDF
Adriatic Sea hydrography
Aniello Russo and Antonio Artegiani
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2) : 33-43 Abstract PDF
Phytoplankton ecology in the Bay of Biscay
Manuel Varela
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2) : 45-53 Abstract PDF
Primary production in the northwestern Mediterranean
Marta Estrada
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2) : 55-64 Abstract PDF
Pelagic production and biomass in the Adriatic Sea
Serena Fonda Umani
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2) : 65-77 Abstract PDF
Characteristic features of zooplankton in the Bay of Biscay
Poulet, S.A., M. Laabir and Y. Chaudron
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2) : 79-95 Abstract PDF
Characteristics of zooplankton standing stock and communities in the Western Mediterranean Sea: Relations to hydrology
Gisčle Champalbert
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2) : 97-113 Abstract PDF
The spawning environment of the Bay of Biscay anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus L.)
L. Motos, A. Uriarte and V. Valencia
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2) : 117-140 Abstract PDF
Anchovy spawning in the Mira estuary (southwestern Portugal)
Pedro Ré
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2) : 141-153 Abstract PDF
Anchovy early life history and its relation to its surrounding environment in the Western Mediterranean basin
Alberto García and Isabel Palomera
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2) : 155-166 Abstract PDF
Effects of environmental changes on early stages and reproduction of anchovy in the Adriatic Sea
Slobodan Regner
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2) : 167-177 Abstract PDF
Relationships between anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus L.) recruitment and the environment in the Bay of Biscay
Borja, A., A. Uriarte, V. Valencia, L. Motos and A. Uriarte
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2) : 179-192 Abstract PDF
Reproductive biology and fecundity of the Bay of Biscay anchovy population (Engraulis encrasicolus L.)
Lorenzo Motos
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2) : 195-207 Abstract PDF
Reproductive biology of anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus ponticus Alexandrov 1927) in the Black Sea
Lisovenko, L.A. and D.P. Andrianov
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2) : 209-218 Abstract PDF
The Black Sea populations of anchovy
Alexander K. Chashchin
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2) : 219-225 Abstract PDF
Acoustic observations in the Bay of Biscay: Schooling, vertical distribution, species assemblages and behaviour
Jacques Massé
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2) : 227-234 Abstract PDF
Bay of Biscay and Ibero Atlantic anchovy populations and their fisheries
Uriarte, A., P. Prouzet and B. Villamor
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2) : 237-255 Abstract PDF
NW Mediterranean anchovy fisheries
Juan Pablo Pertierra and Jordi Lleonart
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2) : 257-267 Abstract PDF
Anchovy fisheries in the Adriatic Sea
Cingolani, N., G. Giannetti and E. Arneri
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2) : 269-277 Abstract PDF
Early life-history models: Interactions among ichthyoplankton, and copepods and euphausiids
Paul E. Smith
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2) : 281-281 Abstract PDF
Feeding in the Black Sea anchovy: Diet composition, feeding behaviour, feeding periodicity and daily rations
Yulia V. Bulgakova
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2) : 283-284 Abstract PDF
Diversity and population structure of the European anchovy in the Mediterranean Sea
Pla, C., S. Tudela and J.L. García-Marín
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2) : 285-286 Abstract PDF
The anchovy fishery in the Aegean Sea. A flourishing industry or a lost affair?
Argyris Kallianotis
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2) : 287-288 Abstract PDF
Taxonomic index, Author index
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2) : 289-299 Abstract PDF
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