Underwater light and algal photobiology
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1): 1996
F.L. Figueroa, C. Jiménez, J.L. Pérez-Lloréns and F.X. Niell
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 1-8 Abstract PDF
Light propagation in biological materials and natural waters
L.O. Björn
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 9-17 Abstract PDF
New approach to chlorophyll a determination in shallow coastal waters by remote sensing
A. Pérez-Ruzafa, J. Gilabert, A. Bel-Lan, V. Moreno and J.M. Gutiérrez
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 19-27 Abstract PDF
Light field in algal canopies: changes in spectral light ratios and growth of Porphyra leucosticta Thur. in Le Jol.
S. Salles, J. Aguilera and F.L. Figueroa
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 29-38 Abstract PDF
Comparison of methods for measuring light absroption by algae and their application to the estimation of the package effect
J. Mercado, C. Jiménez, F.X. Niell and F.L. Figueroa
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 39-45 Abstract PDF
Light Harvesting in bloom-forming marine phytoplankton: species-specificity and photoacclimation
G. Johnsen and E. Sakshaug
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 47-56 Abstract PDF
Effects of enhanced solar UV-B radiation on phytoplankton
D-P. Häder
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 59-63 Abstract PDF
Photosynthetic response of Laminaria digitata to ultraviolet A and B radiation
R.M. Forster and K. Lüning
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 65-71 Abstract PDF
The absorption of ultraviolet radiation by microalgae: simple optics and photobiological imlpications
F. García Pichel
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 73-79 Abstract PDF
Effects of UV-B radiation on biomass and composition in marine phytoplankton communities
S.Å. Wängberg, J.S. Selmer and K. Gustavson
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 81-88 Abstract PDF
A continuous culture system for the study of UV-B effects on microalgae
A. Veen
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 89-93 Abstract PDF
Effects of protein synthesis inhibitors on photoinhibition by UV-B (280-320 nm) radiation in the flagellate Euglena gracilis
N.G.A. Ekelund
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 95-100 Abstract PDF
UV-B induces DNA damage and DNA synthesis delay in the marine diatom Cyclotella sp.
A.G.J. Buma, E.J. van Hannen, M.J.W Veldhuis and W.W.C. Gieskes
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 101-105 Abstract PDF
Loss of flagella in the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii due to in situ UV-exposure
E. Van Dock and D.O. Hessen
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 107-112 Abstract PDF
Blue light and carbon acquisition in brown algae: an overview and recent developments
R. Schmid and M.J. Dring
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 115-124 Abstract PDF
Photosynthetic Utilisation of Inorganic Carbon in Ulva
S. Beer
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 125-128 Abstract PDF
Algal carbon uptake and the difference between alkalinity and high pH ("alkalization"), exemplified with a pH drift experiment
J. Uusitalo
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 129-134 Abstract PDF
Photsynthesis and low CO2 inducible protein synthesis in a newly isolated high CO2-preferring mutant of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
J.R. Betancort Rodríguez, J.J. Santana Rodríguez, G. García Reina and Z. Ramazanov
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 135-140 Abstract PDF
Ultrastructural and biochemical adaptation of algal cells to limiting CO2 concentrations
Z. Ramazanov, M. Rawat, C. Mason and J.V. Moroney
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 141-148 Abstract PDF
The presence of ribulose 1,5-biphosphate carboxylase oxigenase is required for the induction of the 37 Kda periplasmic carbonic anhydrase in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
M. Plumed-Tavío, M. Jiménez del Río, G. García Reina and Z. Ramazanov
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 149-154 Abstract PDF
The ultrstructure and polypeptide composition of the pyrenoid from Dunaliella tertiolecta
M. Jiménez del Río, G. García Reina and Z. Ramazanov
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 155-160 Abstract PDF
Effects of light quality on Nitrate reductase and Glutamine synthetase activities in the red alga Porphyra leucosticta Thur. in Le Jol. and other macroalgae
F.L. Figueroa
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 163-170 Abstract PDF
Alterations in the ratio of two forms of glutamine synthetase in Chlorella kessleri: effects of blue and red light and of exogenous nitrogen supply
G. Meya and W. Kowallik
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 171-177 Abstract PDF
Effects of high CO2 treatment on nitrate and ammonium uptake by Ulva lactuca grown in different nutrient regimes
G. Magnusson, C. Larsson and L. Axelsson
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 179-189 Abstract PDF
The use of mutants to study nitrate assimilation in green microalgae
A. Galván, Quesada, A., Fernández and E.
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 191-194 Abstract PDF
Transport and assimilation of purines in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
M. Pineda and J. Cárdenas
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 195-201 Abstract PDF
Phycobiliproteins and phycobilisomes in red algae: adaptive responses to light
L. Talarico
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 205-222 Abstract PDF
The influence of inorganic carbon concentration on the photosynthetic acclimation of Gracilaria tenuistipitata
M.J. García Sánchez, J.A. Fernández and F.X. Niell
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 223-226 Abstract PDF
Variable fluorescence of chlorophyll a in Dunaliella bardawil with different B-carotene content.
M.P. Sánchez Saavedra, C. Jiménez and F.L. Figueroa
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 227-231 Abstract PDF
Ultraphytoplankton photoacclimation through flow cytometry and pigment analysis of mediterranean coastal waters
B. Bautista and F. Jiménez Gómez
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 233-241 Abstract PDF
Photoinhibition of photosynthesis in marine macroalgae
D. Hanelt
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 243-248 Abstract PDF
The quantitative effect of photoinhibition on the productivity of the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum - Implication on the assessment of the primary production under natural conditions
C. Wilhem, J. Vida and M. Lohr
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 249-255 Abstract PDF
Production of halocarbons from seaweeds: an oxidative stress reaction?
M. Pedersén, J. Collén, K. Abrahamsson and A. Ekdahl
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 257-263 Abstract PDF
The effect of different photon fluence rates of blue-green light on the biomass quality of a coastal diatom in pilot scale semicontinuous cultures.
M.P. Sánchez Saavedra and D. Voltolina
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 267-272 Abstract PDF
Phototropism in seaweeds: a review
J.M. Rico and M.D. Guiry
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 273-281 Abstract PDF
Light and glycerol driven development of Grateloupia doryphora (Rhodophyta) in vitro
R.R. Robaina, P. García Jiménez and A. Luque
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 283-289 Abstract PDF
Technical Discussion I Underwater light measurement and light absortion by algae
L.O. Björn, A. Cunningham, Z. Dubinsky, M. Estrada, F.L. Figueroa, F. García-Pichel, D.-P. Häder, D. Hanelt, G. Levavasseur and K. Lüning
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 293-297 Abstract PDF
Technical Discussion II Flow cytometric analysis
A. Cunningham, A. Cid and A.G.J. Buma
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 299-300 Abstract PDF
Technical Discussion III Fluorescence measurements
A. Cunningham, G. Levavasseur, M. Estrada, D. Hanelt and C. Wilhelm
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 301-302 Abstract PDF
Functional analysis of phytoplankton by flow cytometry: a study of the effect of copper on a marine diatom
A. Cid, C. Herrero and J. Abalde
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 303-308 Abstract PDF
Variability of in vivo chlorophyll fluorescence and its implications for instrument development in bio-optical oceanography
A. Cunningham
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 309-313 Abstract PDF
In vivo fluorescence/chlorophyll a ratio as an ecological indicator in oceanography
M. Estrada, C. Marrasé and J. Salat
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 317-325 Abstract PDF
Subject index, Taxonomic index, Author index
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 327-343 Abstract PDF
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