International symposium of middle-sized pelagic fish
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4): 1995
Carles Bas, José Juan Castro and José Mª Lorenzo
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 203-204 Abstract  
Biological characteristics of middle-sized pelagic fishes
Adam Ben-Tuvia
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 205-209 Abstract PDF
Geographic variations in sexual maturity of the horse mackerel, Trachurus trachurus, in the Galician and Cantabrian shelf
P. Abaunza, A.C. Fariña and P. Carrera
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 211-222 Abstract PDF
Infestation by larvae of Anisakis simplex (Nematoda: Ascaridata) in horse mackerel, Trachurus trachurus, and Atlantic mackerel, Scomber scombrus, in ICES Divisions VIIIb, VIIIc and IXa (N-NW of Spain)
P. Abaunza, B. Villamor and J.R. Pérez
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 223-233 Abstract PDF
Population biology of the roudi escolar Promethichthys prometheus (Gempylidae) off the Canary Islands
J.M. Lorenzo and J.G. Pajuelo
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 235-240 Abstract PDF
Oceanic redfish (Sebastes mentella) in the Irminger Sea and adjacent waters
J. Magnusson and J.V. Magnusson
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 241-254 Abstract PDF
Comparison of seasonal variability in the reproduction of Pacific sardine (Sardinops sagax) from Baja California Sur, Mexico, in the years 1982-1992
J.R. Torres-Villegas, R.I. Ochoa-Báez, L. Pérez Gómez-Álvarez and G. García-Melgar
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 255-264 Abstract PDF
Biology of the rough scad Trachurus lathami, on the sutheastern coast of Brazil
S.A. Saccardo and M. Katsuragawa
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 265-275 Abstract PDF
On the sexual maturity of the bogue (Boops boops) (Teleostei, Sparidae) from the Portuguese coast
L. Serrano Gordo
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 279-286 Abstract PDF
Growth of the chub mackerel Scomber japonicus (Pisces: Scombridae) off the Canary Islands
J.M. Lorenzo, J.G. Pajuelo and A.G. Ramos
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 287-291 Abstract PDF
The impact of pelagic fish behaviour on fisheries
T.J. Pitcher
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 295-306 Abstract PDF
An investigation of the trophic role of three pelagic fishes in a tropical coastal ecosystem of the Western Gulf of Mexico, using the ECOPATH II model
Francisco Arreguín-Sánchez and Ernesto A. Chávez
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 307-315 Abstract PDF
Feeding habits of young-of-the-year greater amberjack Seriola dumerili (Risso, 1810) along the N/W Sicilian Coast
F. Badalamenti, G. D'Anna, L. Lopiano, D. Scilipoti and A. Mazzola
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 317-323 Abstract PDF
Feeding preferences of Scomber japonicus in the Canary Islands area
J.J. Castro and A. Santana del Pino
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 325-333 Abstract PDF
Toward a synthetic eco-ethology of tropical tunas
L. Dagorn, M. Petit, J.M. Stretta, X. Bernardet and A.G. Ramos
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 335-346 Abstract PDF
Ontogenetic changes in mouth structures, foraging behaviour and habitat use of Scomber japonicus and Illex coindetii
J.J. Castro and V. Hernández-García
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 347-355 Abstract PDF
Seasonality and reproduction of dolphin-fish (Coryphaena hippurus) in the Western Mediterranean
E. Massuti and B. Morales-Nin
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 357-364 Abstract PDF
Food habits of bait-caught skipjack tuna Katsuwonus pelamis off the Canary Islands
A.G. Ramos, J.M. Lorenzo and J.G. Pajuelo
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 365-369 Abstract PDF
Ecological structures: expansion and replacement
C. Bas
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 373-380 Abstract PDF
Community structure of euphausiids and copepods in the distribution areas of pelagic fish larvae off the west coast of Baja California, Mexico
J. Gómez-Gutiérrez, S. Hernández-Trujillo and G.M. Esqueda-Escarcega
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 381-390 Abstract PDF
Spatial and temporal distribution of Scomber japonicus larvae in the Sea of Cortez (1984-1988)
G.M. Esqueda-Escarcega
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 391-397 Abstract PDF
Distribution model and association in three pelagic congeneric species (Trachurus spp.) present in the Iberic Mediterranean Sea
D. Lloris and T. Moreno
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 399-403 Abstract PDF
Community structure of the juvenile of coastal pelagic fish species in the Canary Islands waters
T. Moreno and J.J. Castro
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 405-413 Abstract PDF
Environmental change, regimes and middle-sized pelagic fish in the South-east Atlantic Ocean
R.J.M. Crawford, L.J. Shannon and G. Nelson
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 417-426 Abstract PDF
Relationship between herring (Clupea harengus L.) distribution and sea surface salinity and temperature in the northern North Sea
C.D. Maravelias and D.G. Reid
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 427-438 Abstract PDF
Temperature effect on spawning and age structure of eggs of Sardinops sagax, Clupeidae, during five circadian cycles in Bahia Magdalena, Baja California Sur, Mexico
J.R. Torres-Villegas, R.I. Ochoa-Báez and M.S. Muñetón-Gómez
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 439-443 Abstract PDF
An application of satellite-derived sea surface temperatures to southern bluefin tuna and albacore off Tasmania, Australia
R. Reddy, V. Lyne, R. Gray, A. Easton and S. Clarke
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 445-454 Abstract PDF
Spawninig and nursery grounds of pelagic fish species in the sea-shelf off Argentina and adjacent areas
R.P. Sánchez and J.D. Ciechomski
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 455-478 Abstract PDF
Fluctuations in abundance of small and mid-size pelagics
J. Csirke
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 481-492 Abstract PDF
Presence of early life stages of Opisthonema libertate (Günther 1866) in Bahia Concepción, Baja California sur, Mexico (1990-1991)
M.S. Cota Meza and M.S. Muñetón-Gómez
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 493-497 Abstract PDF
Fluctuations in fish catch of middle-sized pelagic fish in the Seto Inland Sea, Japan
H. Hashimoto, T. Shibuno, S. Ishikawa and K. Gushima
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 499-506 Abstract PDF
Deterministic signals in Scottish and Irish herring (Clupea harengus) catches
T. Wyatt, F. Saborido-Rey and R.G. Currie
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 507-513 Abstract PDF
Middle-sized pelagic fish in the world fishery
B. Draganik
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 517-525 Abstract PDF
Reconnaissance and exploitation of the Chilean jack mackerel by the Polish fleet in 1978-1984
B. Draganik, R. Dlugosz, J. Milosz and W.L. Borowski
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 527-532 Abstract PDF
Growth and Mortality of Indian Mackerel (Rastrelliger kanagurta) and slender scad (Decapterus russelli) off the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia
M.I. Mansor and S. Abdullah
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 533-547 Abstract PDF
Industrial catch of small coastal pelagic fish in Cameroon
Folack Jean
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 549-554 Abstract PDF
Mortality, exploitation rate and relative yield of Rastrineobola argentea (Pellegrin 1904) in the Winan Gulf of Lake Victoria (Kenya)
J.O. Manyala, E. Vanden Berghe and S. Dadzie
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 555-563 Abstract PDF
Present fish productivity and bioproduction potential of the world oceans
P.A. Moiseev
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 565-569 Abstract PDF
Some Fishery and Biological Aspects of Jack Mackerels, Genus Trachurus (Carangidae)
Y. Suda, T. Machii and H. Orrego
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 571-580 Abstract PDF
Improving pelagic fish retention in sampling trawls with a fish funnel
I.K. Workman, C.W. Taylor and J.W. Watson
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 581-585 Abstract PDF
The fishery of horse mackerel (Trachurus symmetricus murphyi) in the South Pacific Ocean, with notes on the fishery off central-southern Chile
H. Arancibia, L. Cubillos, D. Arcos, A. Grechina and L. Vilugron
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 589-596 Abstract PDF
Stock assessment of the Brazilian sardine, Sardinella brasiliensis, of the southeastern Coast of Brazil
M.C. Cergole
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 597-610 Abstract PDF
Horse mackerel and false scad stock assessment and catch projections, CECAF Divisions 34.1.3 and 34.3.1
C. Maxim
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 611-627 Abstract PDF
Optimizing yields of the king mackerel (Scomberomorus cavalla) fishery in the western and southern Gulf of Mexico
E.A. Chávez and F. Arreguín-Sánchez
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 629-636 Abstract PDF
Population dynamics of the king mackerel (Scomberomorus cavalla) of the Campeche Bank, Mexico
F. Arreguín-Sánchez, M.A. Cabrera and F.A. Aguilar
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 637-645 Abstract PDF
Comparative growth performance of horse mackerel of the genus Trachurus, with emphasis on T. symmetricus murphyi in Chile
L. Cubillos and H. Arancibia
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 647-652 Abstract PDF
Assessment and management of fish populations: a critical view
J.A. Pereiro
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 653-660 Abstract PDF
Subject Index, Author Index
Sci. Mar. 59(3-4) : 661-671 Abstract PDF
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