Recent advances in ecology and systematics of sponges
Sci. Mar. 57(4): 1993
Mª Jesús Uriz and Klaus Rützler
Sci. Mar. 57(4) : 0-0 Abstract PDF
A prototype expert system involved in classificatory tasks for sponge identification
Marta Domingo
Sci. Mar. 57(4) : 273-282 Abstract PDF
A systematic revision of the central West Atlantic: Halichondrida (Demospongiae, Porifera). Part III: Description of valid species
M.C. Diaz, S.A. Pomponi and R.W.M. Van Soest
Sci. Mar. 57(4) : 283-306 Abstract PDF
Some new of poorly known sponges of the Balearic Islands (western Mediterranean)
Maria Antonia Bibiloni
Sci. Mar. 57(4) : 307-318 Abstract PDF
Taxonomy, phylogeny and biogeography of the marine sponge genus Rhabderemia Topsent, 1890 (Demospongiae, Poecilosclerida)
R.W.M. Van Soest and J.N.A. Hooper
Sci. Mar. 57(4) : 319-351 Abstract PDF
Redescriptions of some rare sponge species in the western Mediterranean
M.J. Uriz and M. Maldonado
Sci. Mar. 57(4) : 353-366 Abstract PDF
Cosmopolitism in sponges: The "complex" Guitarra fimbriata with description of a new species of Guitarra from the northeast Atlantic
Nicole Boury-Esnault, Maurizio Pansini and M.J. Uriz
Sci. Mar. 57(4) : 367-373 Abstract PDF
Spongionella foliascens: a new foliose Dendroceratid sponge from the western Atlantic
Michelle Kelly-Borges, Shirley A. Pomponi and Jean Vacelet
Sci. Mar. 57(4) : 375-379 Abstract PDF
The genus Terpios (Suberitidae) and new species in the "Lobiceps" complex
Klaus Rützler and Kathleen P. Smith
Sci. Mar. 57(4) : 381-393 Abstract PDF
Terpios hoshinota, a new cyanobacteriosponge threatening Pacific reefs
Klaus Rützler and Katherine Muzik
Sci. Mar. 57(4) : 395-403 Abstract PDF
Effects of reproduction in Clionia viridis (Hadromerida) on zooxanthellae
Dolors Rosell
Sci. Mar. 57(4) : 405-413 Abstract PDF
Influence of depth on the size of sponge spicules
Giorgio Bavestrello, Michela Bonito and Michele Sarŕ
Sci. Mar. 57(4) : 415-420 Abstract PDF
Silica content and spicular size variation during an annual cycle in Chondrilla nucula Schmidt (Porifera, Demospongiae) in the Ligurian Sea
Giorgio Bavestrello, Michela Bonito and Michele Sarŕ
Sci. Mar. 57(4) : 421-425 Abstract PDF
Antimicrobial activity of Southwestern Atlantic shallow-water marine sponges (Porifera)
Guilherme Muricy, Eduardo Hajdu, Fabio V. Araujo and Allen N. Hagler
Sci. Mar. 57(4) : 427-432 Abstract PDF
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Sci. Mar. 57(4) : 433-443 Abstract PDF
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