Sci. Mar. 76(3): 2012
Jordi Font and Dolors Vaqué
Sci. Mar. 76(3) : 423-423 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.03734.12B Abstract PDF

Comparison of satellite altimetry sea level anomalies and hydrographic observations in the Mediterranean Sea

Francisco Mir Calafat and Marta Marcos Moreno
Sci. Mar. 76(3) : 429-439 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.03515.02G Abstract PDF
Monitoring the Northern Current in the Gulf of Lions with an observing system simulation experiment
Aurélie Duchez, Jacques Verron, Jean-Michel Brankart, Yann Ourmières and Philippe Fraunié
Sci. Mar. 76(3) : 441-453 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.03427.02D Abstract PDF
The effect of coral polyp sizes and coral exudates on picoeukaryote dynamics in a controlled environment
Ying-Pin Wang, Kwee Siong Tew, Jimmy Kuo and Fung-Chi Koand Pei-Jie Meng
Sci. Mar. 76(3) : 455-461 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.03405.02A Abstract PDF
Development of the hectocotylus in Illex coindetii (Verany 1837) (Cephalopoda: Ommastrephidae)
Fulvio Zecchini, Michael Vecchione, Paola Belcari and Clyde F.E. Roper
Sci. Mar. 76(3) : 463-472 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.03305.07D Abstract PDF
Species identification of Ommastrephes bartramii, Dosidicus gigas, Sthenoteuthis oualaniensis and Illex argentinus (Ommastrephidae) using beak morphological variables
Xinjun Chen, Huajie Lu, Bilin Liu, Yong Chen, Siliang Li and Ma Jin
Sci. Mar. 76(3) : 473-481 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.03408.05B Abstract PDF
Developmental and moult cycle related biochemical changes in larvae of the spider crab, Maja brachydactyla (Brachyura: Majidae)
Guiomar Rotllant, Guillermo Guerao, Marta Sastre and Klaus Anger
Sci. Mar. 76(3) : 483-488 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.03284.20A Abstract PDF
A new species of Pagurus (Crustacea: Decapoda: Paguridae), new records and a redescription of hermit crabs from the Mexican Pacific
Manuel Ayón-Parente and Michel E. Hendrickx
Sci. Mar. 76(3) : 489-506 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.03407.09A Abstract PDF
Life history traits of the invasive estuarine shrimp Palaemon macrodactylus (Caridea: Palaemonidae) in a marine environment (Mar del Plata, Argentina)
María Guadalupe Vázquez, Claudia C. Bas and Eduardo D. Spivak
Sci. Mar. 76(3) : 507-516 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.03506.02F Abstract PDF
Description of a new genus of Cryptochiridae (Decapoda: Brachyura) associated with Siderastrea (Anthozoa: Scleractinia), with notes on feeding habits
Marcelle F.S. Badaro, Elizabeth G. Neves, Peter Castro and Rodrigo Johnsson
Sci. Mar. 76(3) : 517-526 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.03538.02E Abstract PDF
Effects of algal diets and starvation on growth, survival and fatty acid composition of Solen marginatus (Bivalvia: Solenidae) larvae
Fiz da Costa, Susana Nóvoa, Justa Ojea and Dorotea Martínez-Patiño
Sci. Mar. 76(3) : 527-537 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.03470.18A Abstract PDF
Particular features of gonadal maturation and size at first maturity in Atrina maura (Bivalvia: Pinnidae)
Marian A. Camacho-Mondragón, Marcial Arellano-Martínez and Bertha P. Ceballos-Vázquez
Sci. Mar. 76(3) : 539-548 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.03522.05A Abstract PDF
The effect of organic and conventional production methods on sea bream growth, health and body composition: a field experiment
Eleni Mente, Alexandros Stratakos, Ioannis S. Boziaris, Konstantinos A. Kormas, Vasileios Karalazos, Ioannis T. Karapanagiotidis, Vassiliki A. Catsiki and Leondios Leondiadis
Sci. Mar. 76(3) : 549-560 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.03411.07C Abstract PDF
Discards of the purse seine fishery targeting small pelagic fish in the eastern Mediterranean Sea
Konstantinos Tsagarakis, Vassiliki Vassilopoulou, Argyris Kallianiotis and Athanassios Machias
Sci. Mar. 76(3) : 561-572 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.03452.02B Abstract PDF
The fate of eggs and larvae of three pelagic species, mackerel (Scomber scombrus), horse mackerel (Trachurus trachurus) and sardine (Sardina pilchardus) in relation to prevailing currents in the Bay of Biscay: Could they affect larval survival?
Paula Alvarez and Marina Chifflet

Supplementary material

Sci. Mar. 76(3) : 573-586 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.03298.07H Abstract PDF
Age, growth and utility of otolith morphometrics as a predictor of age in the wrasse Coris julis (Labridae) from the eastern Adriatic Sea
Frane Škeljo, Josipa Ferri, Jure Brčić, Mirela Petrić and Ivan Jardas
Sci. Mar. 76(3) : 587-595 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.03521.07G Abstract PDF
A bio-economic evaluation of the potential for establishing a commercial fishery on two newly developed stocks: The Ionian red shrimp fishery
Jordi Guillen, Francesc Maynou, Christos Floros, David Sampson, Alexis Conides and Kostas Kapiris
Sci. Mar. 76(3) : 597-605 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.03434.07I Abstract PDF
A small-scale fishery near a rocky littoral marine reserve in the northwestern Mediterranean (Medes Islands) after two decades of fishing prohibition
Paloma Martín, Francesc Maynou, Vanessa Stelzenmüller and Miquel Sacanell
Sci. Mar. 76(3) : 607-618 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.03471.07F Abstract PDF
Carles Bas i Peired
Francesc Sardà
Sci. Mar. 76(3) : 425-428 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.03723.12C Abstract PDF
Miquel Massutí Oliver (1930-2012)
Pere Oliver
Sci. Mar. 76(3) : 619-620 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.03735.12A Abstract PDF
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