Sci. Mar. 75(3): 2011
Jordi Font and Francesc Peters
Sci. Mar. 75(3) : 423-423 Abstract PDF
Deep sea megafaunal assemblages off the northern Iberian slope related to environmental factors
Alberto Serrano, Francisco Sánchez, Antonio Punzón, Francisco Velasco and Ignacio Olaso
Sci. Mar. 75(3) : 425-437 Abstract PDF
Management of the stalked barnacle (Pollicipes pollicipes) fishery in the Berlengas Nature Reserve (Portugal): evaluation of bag and size limit regulation measures
David Jacinto, Teresa Cruz, Teresa Silva and João J. Castro
Sci. Mar. 75(3) : 439-445 Abstract PDF
Maturity and batch fecundity of the European hake (Merluccius merluccius, Linnaeus, 1758) in the eastern central Atlantic
Hammou El Habouz, Laura Recasens, Souad Kifani, Abdellatif Moukrim, Abdellah Bouhaimi and Salaheddine El Ayoubi
Sci. Mar. 75(3) : 447-454 Abstract PDF
Dactylamblyops corberai n. sp., a new mysid (Crustacea: Mysida) from the deep Mediterranean Sea
Carlos San Vicente and Joan E. Cartes
Sci. Mar. 75(3) : 455-464 Abstract PDF
Deep-water fishing tactics of the Spanish fleet in the Northeast Atlantic. Seasonal and spatial distribution
Antonio Punzón, Alberto Serrano, José Castro, Esther Abad, Juan Gil and Pilar Pereda
Sci. Mar. 75(3) : 465-476 Abstract PDF
Taxonomic notes on Poecillastra sponges (Astrophorida: Pachastrellidae), with the description of three new bathyal southeastern Pacific species
Mariana S. Carvalho, Ruth Desqueyroux-Faúndez and Eduardo Hajdu
Sci. Mar. 75(3) : 477-492 Abstract PDF
Phytoplankton response to high salinity and nutrient limitation in the eastern Adriatic marine lakes
Marina Carić, Nenad Jasprica, Marijeta Čalić and Mirna Batistić
Sci. Mar. 75(3) : 493-505 Abstract PDF
Exploring the degree of trawling disturbance by the analysis of benthic communities ranging from a heavily exploited fishing ground to an undisturbed area in the NW Mediterranean
Silvia de Juan, Montserrat Demestre and Pilar Sánchez
Sci. Mar. 75(3) : 507-516 Abstract PDF
Amylase, maltase and sucrase activities in hepatopancreas of the euryhaline crab Neohelice granulata (Decapoda: Brachyura: Varunidae): partial characterization and response to low environmental salinity
Antonela Asaro, Juana Cristina del Valle and Alejandra Antonia López Mañanes
Sci. Mar. 75(3) : 517-524 Abstract PDF
A new squat lobster of the genus Munidopsis (Crustacea: Decapoda: Munidopsidae) from the Mediterranean Sea
Enrique Macpherson
Sci. Mar. 75(3) : 525-532 Abstract PDF

Sailing the Prestige out to sea. An independent analysis

Antonio García-Olivares, José Luis de Pablos and Rafael Madrigal
Sci. Mar. 75(3) : 533-548 Abstract PDF
Trophic relationships between the jumbo squid (Dosidicus gigas) and the lightfish (Vinciguerria lucetia) in the Humboldt Current System off Peru
Rigoberto Rosas-Luis, Ricardo Tafur-Jimenez, Ana R. Alegre-Norza, Pedro R. Castillo-Valderrama, Rodolfo M. Cornejo-Urbina, Cesar A. Salinas-Zavala and Pilar Sánchez
Sci. Mar. 75(3) : 549-557 Abstract PDF
The response of meiofauna to human trampling on coral reefs
Visnu C. Sarmento, Aliny F.S. Barreto and Paulo J.P. Santos
Sci. Mar. 75(3) : 559-570 Abstract PDF
The North Atlantic Oscillation and sea surface temperature affect loggerhead abundance around the Strait of Gibraltar
José C. Báez, Juan J. Bellido, Francisco Ferri-Yáñez, Juan J. Castillo, Juan J. Martín, José L. Mons, David Romero and Raimundo Real
Sci. Mar. 75(3) : 571-575 Abstract PDF
Community structure of benthic macroinvertebrates inhabiting a highly stratified Mediterranean estuary
Alfonso Nebra, Nuno Caiola and Carles Ibáñez

Supplementary material

Sci. Mar. 75(3) : 577-584 Abstract PDF
Description of a new goatfish species, Upeneus randalli n. sp. (Mullidae), from the Persian Gulf, with remarks and identification keys for the genus Upeneus
Franz Uiblein and Phillip C. Heemstra
Sci. Mar. 75(3) : 585-594 Abstract PDF
Topographic enhancement of long waves generated by an idealized moving pressure system
Alejandro Orfila Salvador Balle and Gonzalo Simarro
Sci. Mar. 75(3) : 595-603 Abstract PDF
Larval fish assemblages in coastal waters of central Greece: reflections of topographic and oceanographic heterogeneity
Stylianos Somarakis, Stamatina Isari and Athanassios Machias
Sci. Mar. 75(3) : 605-618 Abstract PDF
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