Sci. Mar. 73(4): 2009
Paraonidae (Polychaeta) from the Capbreton Canyon (Bay of Biscay, NE Atlantic) with the description of eight new species
Florencio Aguirrezabalaga and João Gil
Sci. Mar. 73(4) : 631-666 Abstract PDF
Feeding habits of Pagellus acarne (Sparidae) in the Gulf of Tunis, central Mediterranean
Rafika Fehri-Bedoui, Emna Mokrani and Oum Kalthoum Ben Hassine
Sci. Mar. 73(4) : 667-678 Abstract PDF
A highly diverse molluscan assemblage associated with eelgrass beds (Zostera marina L.) in the Alboran Sea: Micro-habitat preference, feeding guilds and biogeographical distribution
José L. Rueda, Serge Gofas, Javier Urra and Carmen Salas
Sci. Mar. 73(4) : 679-700 Abstract PDF
Morphological variability, spatial distribution and abundance of Helicostomella species (Ciliophora: Tintinnina) in relation to environmental factors (Argentine shelf; 40-55°S)
Luciana F. Santoferrara and Viviana A. Alder
Sci. Mar. 73(4) : 701-716 Abstract PDF
Shell architecture and its relation to shell occupation by the hermit crab Clibanarius antillensis under different wave action conditions
Araceli Argüelles, Fernando Álvarez and Guillermina Alcaraz
Sci. Mar. 73(4) : 717-723 Abstract PDF
Influence of trawl type on the composition and diversity of deep benthopelagic fish and decapod assemblages off the Catalan coasts (western Mediterranean)
Joan E. Cartes, Francesc Maynou, Domènec Lloris, Luis Gil de Sola and Mariano Garcia
Sci. Mar. 73(4) : 725-737 Abstract PDF
Taxonomic revision of the southwestern Atlantic Madracis and the description of Madracis fragilis n. sp. (Scleractinia: Pocilloporidae), a new coral species from Brazil
Elizabeth Neves and Rodrigo Johnsson
Sci. Mar. 73(4) : 739-746 Abstract PDF
Harpacticoida (Crustacea: Copepoda) associated with cold-water coral substrates in the Porcupine Seabight (NE Atlantic): species composition, diversity and reflections on the origin of the fauna
Hendrik Gheerardyn, Marleen de Troch, Magda Vincx and Ann Vanreusel
Sci. Mar. 73(4) : 747-760 Abstract PDF
Horizontal distribution of invertebrate larvae around the oceanic island of Gran Canaria: the effect of mesoscale variability
José María Landeira, Fernando Lozano-Soldevilla, Santiago Hernández-León and Eric Desmond Barton
Sci. Mar. 73(4) : 761-771 Abstract PDF
Monochromatic blue light entrains diel activity cycles in the Norway lobster, Nephrops norvegicus (L.) as measured by automated video-image analysis
Jacopo Aguzzi, Corrado Costa, Paolo Menesatti, José Antonio García, Juan José Chiesa and Francesc Sardà
Sci. Mar. 73(4) : 773-783 Abstract PDF
Comparison of the fatty acid profile of muscle neutral lipids and phospholipids of up-river anadromous sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus L.) from three Portuguese river basins
Sara Pinela, Bernardo Ruivo Quintella, Pedro Raposo de Almeida and Maria João Lança
Sci. Mar. 73(4) : 785-795 Abstract PDF
Post-larval development and sexual dimorphism of the spider crab Maja brachydactyla (Brachyura: Majidae)
Guillermo Guerao and Guiomar Rotllant
Sci. Mar. 73(4) : 797-808 Abstract PDF
Generic revision of Notodasus Fauchald, 1972 (Polychaeta: Capitellidae) with descriptions of four new species from the coasts of Mexico
María Elena García-Garza, Victor Daniel Hernández-Valdez and Jesús Angel De León-González
Sci. Mar. 73(4) : 809-823 Abstract PDF
Obituary: Pere Arté i Gratacós (1924-2009)
Montserrat Ramón
Sci. Mar. 73(4) : 825-827 Abstract PDF
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