Iberoamerican Fisheries and Fish Reproductive Ecology
Sci. Mar. 86(4): 2022
Rosario Domínguez-Petit, Jorge Enrique Paramo, Fran Saborido-Rey, Arturo Acero P. and Nixon Bahamon
Sci. Mar. 86(4) : 1-8 Abstract PDF
A reconceptualization of the interactions between spawning and growth in bony fish
Daniel Pauly and Cui Liang
Sci. Mar. 86(4) : 44-44 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.05280.044 Abstract PDF
Expansion and contraction of the Engraulis ringens spawning area in northern Chile
Paola Moreno and Gabriel Claramunt
Sci. Mar. 86(4) : 45-45 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.05284.045 Abstract PDF
Assessing changes in size at maturity for the European hake (Merluccius merluccius) in Atlantic Iberian Waters
Davinia Lojo, Marta Cousido-Rocha, Santiago Cerviño, Rosario Dominguez-Petit, María Sainza and Maria Grazia Pennino
Sci. Mar. 86(4) : 46-46 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.05287.046 Abstract PDF
Reproduction of grey snapper (Teleostei: Lutjanidae) in the southern Gulf of Mexico
Karina del C. Macal-López, Thierry Brulé, Julián René Torres-Villegas, Teresa Colás-Marrufo and Virginia Elena Noh-Quiñones
Sci. Mar. 86(4) : 47-47 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.05293.047 Abstract PDF
Spatial variability of life-history parameters of the Atlantic chub mackerel (Scomber colias), an expanding species in the northeast Atlantic
Rosario Domínguez-Petit, María Rosario Navarro, Marta Cousido-Rocha, Jorge Tornero, Fernando Ramos, Alba Jurado-Ruzafa, Cristina Nunes, Carmen Hernández, Andreia V. Silva and Jorge Landa
Sci. Mar. 86(4) : 48-48 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.05296.048 Abstract PDF
RNA/DNA and derived condition indices for anchovy and hake larvae as relevant information for comprehensive fisheries management
Marina V. Diaz, Marina Do Souto, Stefanía Cohen and Gustavo J. Macchi
Sci. Mar. 86(4) : 49-49 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.05288.049 Abstract PDF
Influence of maternal effects and temperature on fecundity of Sebastes fasciatus on the Flemish Cap
Francisco González-Carrión and Fran Saborido-Rey
Sci. Mar. 86(4) : 50-50 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.05305.050 Abstract PDF
Spawning area of the tropical Skipjack Tuna, Katsuwonus pelamis (Scombridae), in the western Mediterranean Sea
Miguel Angel Puerto, Samar Saber, José María Ortiz de Urbina, María José Gómez-Vives, Salvador García-Barcelona and David Macías
Sci. Mar. 86(4) : 51-51 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.05292.051 Abstract PDF
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