Sci. Mar. 86(3): 2022
Age, growth and maturation in the mesopelagic squid Abralia andamanica (Cephalopoda: Enoploteuthidae) from the Arabian Sea
Kurichithara Kunjumani Sajikumar, Geetha Sasikumar, Vellathi Venkatesan, Konnoth Jestin Joy and Kolliyil Sunilkumar Mohamed
Sci. Mar. 86(3) : 36-36 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.05251.036 Abstract PDF
Using fisher’s knowledge to estimate catch and effort in the large-scale octopus fishery on the eastern Campeche Bank (Mexico, NW Atlantic)
Otilio Avendaño, Iván Velázquez-Abunader, Francisco Rocha and Ángel Guerra
Sci. Mar. 86(3) : 37-37 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.05254.037 Abstract PDF
Physical and chemical tagging methods for the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus (Echinodermata: Echinoidea)
Pedro M. Santos, Bernardo Ruivo Quintella, David Jacinto, Ana Gomes, Carolina Saldanha, Sílvia Lourenço, Patrícia Mega Lopes, Maria João Correia, David Mateus, Teresa Cruz, Ana Pombo and José Lino Costa
Sci. Mar. 86(3) : 38-38 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.05259.038 Abstract PDF
Decapod crustacean assemblages on trawlable grounds in the northern Alboran Sea and Gulf of Vera
Cristina Ciércoles, Cristina García-Ruíz, Pere Abelló, Manuel Hidalgo, Pedro Torres, María González, Ángel Mateo-Ramírez and José Luis Rueda
Sci. Mar. 86(3) : 39-39 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.05265.039 Abstract PDF
Modelling the spatial population structure and distribution of the queen conch, Aliger gigas, on the Pedro Bank, Jamaica
Ricardo A. Morris, Alvaro Hernández-Flores and Alfonso Cuevas-Jimenez
Sci. Mar. 86(3) : 40-40 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.05269.040 Abstract PDF
The impact of inundation and sandstorms on the growth and survival of the mangrove Avicennia marina seedlings in the southern Red Sea
Jeff Bogart R. Abrogueña, Andrea Anton, Sau Pinn Woo, Miguel Baptista, Carlos M. Duarte, Syed Azher Hussain, Mohammed Shoeb and Mohammed Qurban
Sci. Mar. 86(3) : 41-41 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.05277.041 Abstract PDF
Enhancing onboard post-catch vitality of discard Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus) for more sustainable Mediterranean trawl fishery
Alfredo García-de-Vinuesa, Francesc Maynou and Montserrat Demestre
Sci. Mar. 86(3) : 42-42 - DOI: 10.3989/scimar.05279.042 Abstract PDF
Miquel Alcaraz (1945-2022)
F. Xavier Niell
Sci. Mar. 86(3) : 43-43 Abstract PDF
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