Sci. Mar. 72(4): 2008
Geostatistical tools for assessing sampling designs applied to a Portuguese bottom trawl survey field experience
Ernesto Jardim and Paulo J. Ribeiro Jr.
Sci. Mar. 72(4) : 623-630 Abstract PDF
Spatial and temporal patterns in size and maturation of Loligo plei and Loligo sanpaulensis (Cephalopoda: Loliginidae) in southeastern Brazilian waters, between 23°S and 27°S
Amanda R. Rodrigues and Maria A. Gasalla
Sci. Mar. 72(4) : 631-643 Abstract PDF
Differences between epiphytic assemblages on introduced Caulerpa taxifolia and coexisting eelgrass (Zostera capricorni) in Botany Bay (NSW, Australia)
Patricia Prado and Thierry Thibaut
Sci. Mar. 72(4) : 645-654 Abstract PDF
Distribution of Polychaeta in soft-bottoms of a Galician Ria (NW Spain)
Eva Cacabelos, Juan Moreira and Jesús S. Troncoso
Sci. Mar. 72(4) : 655-667 Abstract PDF
Differences in demersal community structure and biomass size spectra within and outside the Maltese Fishery Management Zone (FMZ)
Mark Dimech, Mattew Camilleri, Jan G. Hiddink, Michel J. Kaiser, Sergio Ragonese and Patrick J. Schembri
Sci. Mar. 72(4) : 669-682 Abstract PDF
Leucon (Crymoleucon) rossi, a new species (Crustacea: Cumacea: Leuconidae) from the shelf waters of the Ross Sea (Antarctica), with a key to the genus Leucon south of 60°S
Peter Rehm and Richard W. Heard
Sci. Mar. 72(4) : 683-691 Abstract PDF
How to assign a catch value to fishing grounds when fisheries statistics are not spatially explicit
Pablo Pita, Juan Freire and Antonio García-Allut
Sci. Mar. 72(4) : 693-699 Abstract PDF
Food habits of the broad nose skate, Bathyraja brachyurops (Chondrichthyes, Rajidae), in the south-west Atlantic
Mauro Belleggia, Ezequiel Mabragaña, Daniel E. Figueroa, Lorena B. Scenna, Santiago A. Barbini and Juan M. Díaz de Astarloa
Sci. Mar. 72(4) : 701-710 Abstract PDF
Does developmental mode influence distribution patterns of megabenthic gastropods from the Uruguayan shelf?
Alvar Carranza, Fabrizio Scarabino and Leonardo Ortega
Sci. Mar. 72(4) : 711-719 Abstract PDF
Spawning pattern and batch fecundity of the European hake (Merluccius merluccius (Linnaeus, 1758)) in the western Mediterranean
Laura Recasens, Velia Chiericone and Paola Belcari
Sci. Mar. 72(4) : 721-732 Abstract PDF
Setting up interpretation criteria for ageing juvenile european anchovy otoliths
Pablo Cermeño, Andrés Uriarte, Beatriz Morales-Nin, Unai Cotano and Paula Álvarez
Sci. Mar. 72(4) : 733-742 Abstract PDF
First release of hatchery juveniles of the dusky grouper Epinephelus marginatus (Lowe, 1834) (Serranidae: Teleostei) at artificial reefs in the Mediterranean: results from a pilot study
Gabriele La Mesa, Alessandro Longobardi, Francesco Sacco and Giovanna Marino
Sci. Mar. 72(4) : 743-756 Abstract PDF
Spatio-temporal patterns in the north-western Mediterranean from MERIS derived chlorophyll a concentration
Ana Gordoa, Xenia Illas, Antonio Cruzado and Zoila Velásquez
Sci. Mar. 72(4) : 757-767 Abstract PDF
Comparison of the life cycles of two populations of the polychaete Pereinereis cf. cultrifera from the Bay of Algiers (Mediterranean Sea)
Leila Rouabah, Abdelkader Rouabah, Sana Ferroudj and Patrick Scaps
Sci. Mar. 72(4) : 769-778 Abstract PDF
XBT profilers for operational purposes: application and validation in real exercises
Francisco Machín, Mikhail Emelianov, Pablo Rodríguez, Emilio García-Ladona, Javier Menéndez and Jordi Salat
Sci. Mar. 72(4) : 779-799 Abstract PDF
Bycatch of crustacean and fish bottom trawl fisheries from southern Portugal (Algarve)
Maria Esmeralda Costa, Karim Erzini and Teresa Cerveira Borges
Sci. Mar. 72(4) : 801-814 Abstract PDF
Obituary: Pedro Suau Abraham (1928-2008)
Jordi Lleonart
Sci. Mar. 72(4) : 815-818 Abstract PDF
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