Sci. Mar. 70(2): 2006
Analytic salinity-temperature relations for the upper-thermocline waters of the eastern North Atlantic subtropical gyre
Ángeles Marrero-Díaz, Ángel Rodríguez-Santana, Francisco Machín and Josep Lluis Pelegrí
Sci. Mar. 70(2) : 167-175 Abstract PDF
Vertical distribution and trophic structure of the macrozooplankton in a shallow temperate estuary (Ria de Aveiro, Portugal)
F.M. Morgado, R. Pastorinho, C. Quintaneiro and P. Ré
Sci. Mar. 70(2) : 177-188 Abstract PDF
Zooplankton and ichthyoplankton distribution on the southern Brazilian shelf: an overview
R. M. Lopes, M. Katsuragawa, J. F. Dias, M. A. Montú, J. H. Muelbert, C. Gorri and F. P. Brandini
Sci. Mar. 70(2) : 189-202 Abstract PDF
Foraminiferal assemblages in the Ubatuba Bay, south-eastern Brazilian Coast
Leticia Burone and Ana Maria S. Pires-Vanin
Sci. Mar. 70(2) : 203-217 Abstract PDF
Understanding coral reefs as complex systems: degradation and prospects for recovery
Raymond T. Dizon and Helen T. Yap
Sci. Mar. 70(2) : 219-226 Abstract PDF
Observations on the ontogenetic and intraspecific changes in the radula of Polycera aurantiomarginata García and Bobo, 1984 (Gastropoda Opisthobranchia ) from Southern Spain
Inés Martínez-Pita, Jose M. Guerra-García, Ana I. Sánchez-España and Francisco J. García
Sci. Mar. 70(2) : 227-234 Abstract PDF
Protection of the goose barnacle Pollicipes pollicipes, Gmelin, 1790 population: the Gaztelugatxe Marine Reserve (Basque Country, northern Spain)
Ángel Borja, Iñigo Muxika and Juan Bald
Sci. Mar. 70(2) : 235-242 Abstract PDF
New genus, three new species and new records of Herpyllobiidae Hansen, 1892 (Crustacea, Copepoda) parasites of polychaetes from Antarctica
Pablo J. López-González, José Bresciani and Mercedes Conradi
Sci. Mar. 70(2) : 243-259 Abstract PDF
Morphology of the first zoeal stage of Portunus acuminatus, Stimpson, 1871 (Decapoda: Portunidae: Portuninae) reared in the laboratory
R. Meyer, I.S. Wehrtmann and R.R. Melzer
Sci. Mar. 70(2) : 261-270 Abstract PDF
Heavy metals in crustaceans from the Iberian deep sea plain
F. Prowe, M. Kirf and G.-P. Zauke
Sci. Mar. 70(2) : 271-279 Abstract PDF
Reproductive biology of round sardinella (Sardinella aurita) in north-eastern Mediterranean
Athanassios C. Tsikliras and Efthimia Antonopoulou
Sci. Mar. 70(2) : 281-290 Abstract PDF
Distribution and abundance by larval developmental stages of Symphurus williamsi (Pleuronectiformes: Cynoglossidae) in the Gulf of California
Gerardo Aceves-Medina, Ricardo J. Saldierna-Martínez and Enrique A. González-Navarro
Sci. Mar. 70(2) : 291-302 Abstract PDF
Condition of Gobius cobitis (Pallas, 1811) juveniles in the Mar Menor coastal lagoon (SE Iberian Peninsula): Effects of inter- and intraspecific fish competition
David Verdiell-Cubedo, Francisco J. Oliva-Paterna and Mar Torralva
Sci. Mar. 70(2) : 303-310 Abstract PDF
Phylogenetic relationships of Mediterranean Mullidae species (Perciformes) inferred from genetic and morphologic data
Cemal Turan
Sci. Mar. 70(2) : 311-318 Abstract PDF
Three new exotic fish records from the SE Aegean Greek waters
Maria Corsini, Panagiotis Margies, Gerasimos Kondilatos and Panos S. Economidis
Sci. Mar. 70(2) : 319-323 Abstract PDF
Otolith chemical composition as a useful tool for sciaenid stock discrimination in the south-western Atlantic
Alejandra V. Volpedo and Alicia Fernández Cirelli
Sci. Mar. 70(2) : 325-334 Abstract PDF
A bio-economic analysis of the hand-line and gillnet coastal fisheries of Pernambuco State, North-eastern Brazil
Sérgio Mattos, Francesc Maynou and Ramon Franquesa
Sci. Mar. 70(2) : 335-346 Abstract PDF
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