Sci. Mar. 69(4): 2005
Using routine hydrographic sections for estimating the parameters needed for Optimal Statistical Interpolation. Application to the northern Alboran Sea
Manuel Vargas-Yáñez, Florian Garivier, Olivier Pirra and M. García
Sci. Mar. 69(4) : 435-449 Abstract PDF
Seasonal and inter-annual variability of the phytoplankton communities in an upwelling area of the Alborán Sea (SW Mediterranean Sea)
J.M. Mercado, T. Ramírez, D. Cortés, M. Sebastián and M. Vargas-Yáñez
Sci. Mar. 69(4) : 451-465 Abstract PDF
A new sponge-associated species, Syllis mayeri n. sp.(Polychaeta: Syllidae), with a discussion on the status of S. armillaris (Müller, 1776)
Luigi Musco and Adriana Giangrande
Sci. Mar. 69(4) : 467-474 Abstract PDF
Experimental evidence that intra-specific competition in seagrass meadows reduces reproductive potential in the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus (Lamarck).
F. Tomas, J. Romero and X. Turon
Sci. Mar. 69(4) : 475-484 Abstract PDF
Spatial and temporal variation of natural toxicity in cnidarians, bryozoans and tunicates in Mediterranean caves
Ruth Martí, Maria-J. Uriz and Xavier Turon
Sci. Mar. 69(4) : 485-492 Abstract PDF
Annual population dynamics of the opossum shrimp Neomysis americana Smith, 1873 (Crustacea, Mysidacea) from an estuarine sector of the Argentine Sea
María Delia Viñas, Fernando C. Ramírez and Hermes Mianzan
Sci. Mar. 69(4) : 493-502 Abstract PDF
Geographic, bathymetric and inter-annual variability in the distribution of Liocarcinus depurator (Brachyura: Portunidae) along the Mediterranean coast of the Iberian peninsula
Marta M. Rufino, Pere Abelló, Andrew B. Yule and Pedro Torres
Sci. Mar. 69(4) : 503-518 Abstract PDF
Molecular validation of the specific status of Parablennius sanguinolentus and Parablennius parvicornis (Pisces: Blenniidae)
Federico Almada, Vitor Carvalho Almada, Vera Domingues, Alberto Brito and Ricardo Serrao Santos
Sci. Mar. 69(4) : 519-523 Abstract PDF
Karyological characterization of Mugil trichodon Poey, 1876 (Pisces: Mugilidae)
Mauro Nirchio, Ernesto Ron and Anna Rita Rossi
Sci. Mar. 69(4) : 525-530 Abstract PDF
Phylogenetic analysis of flatfish (Order Pleuronectiformes) based on mitochondrial 16s rDNA sequences
Pardo, B.G., A. Machordom, F. Foresti, F. Foresti, M.F.C. Azevedo, R. Bañón, L. Sánchez and P. Martínez
Sci. Mar. 69(4) : 531-543 Abstract PDF
Glycoconjugates in the branchial mucous cells of Cynoscion guatucupa (Cuvier, 1830) (Pisces: Sciaenidae)
Alcira O. Diaz, Alicia M. Garcia and Adriana L. Goldemberg
Sci. Mar. 69(4) : 545-553 Abstract PDF
Annual reproductive cycle and fecundity of Scorpaena notata (Teleostei, Scorpaenidae)
Marta Muñoz, Maria Sàbat, Silvia Vila and Margarida Casadevall
Sci. Mar. 69(4) : 555-562 Abstract PDF
Distribution and abundance of snipefish (Macroramphosus spp.) off Portugal (1998-2003)
Victor Marques, Corina Chaves, Alexandre Morais, Fatima Cardador and Yorgos Stratoudakis
Sci. Mar. 69(4) : 563-576 Abstract PDF
Modeling artisanal coastal fisheries of Galicia (NW Spain) based on data obtained from fishers: the case of Octopus vulgaris
Jaime Otero, Francisco Rocha, Ángel F. González, Joaquín Gracia and Ángel Guerra
Sci. Mar. 69(4) : 577-585 Abstract PDF
Impact of additional small-scale survey data on the geostatistical analyses of demersal fish species in the North Sea
Vanessa Stelzenmüller, Siegfried Ehrich and Gerd-Peter Zauke
Sci. Mar. 69(4) : 587-602 Abstract PDF
Stock assessment of sardine (Sardina pilchardus, Walb.) in the Adriatic Sea with an estimate of discards
Alberto Santojanni, Nando Cingolani, Enrico Arneri, Geoff Kirkwood, Andrea Belardinelli, Gianfranco Giannetti, Sabrina Colella, Fortunata Donato and Catherine Barry
Sci. Mar. 69(4) : 603-617 Abstract PDF
Kostianoy, A.G., J.C.J. Nihoul and V.B. Rodionov. 2004. Physical oceanography of the frontal zones in the sub-arctic
Mihail Emelianov
Sci. Mar. 69(4) : 619-620 Abstract PDF
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