Sci. Mar. 69(3): 2005
Microplankton composition, production and upwelling dynamics in Sagres (SW Portugal) during summer of 2001
S. Loureiro, A. Newton and J.D. Icely
Sci. Mar. 69(3) : 323-341 Abstract PDF
First report of a species of Prasiola (Chlorophyta: Prasiolacea) from the Mediterranean Sea (Lagoon of Venice)
Ch. Miotti, D. Curiel, A. Rismondo, G. Bellemo, Ch. Dri, E. Checchin and M. Marzocchi
Sci. Mar. 69(3) : 343-346 Abstract PDF
Effects of changing seawater temperature on photosynthesis and calcification in the scleractinian coral Galaxea fascicularis, measured with O2, Ca2+ and pH microsensors
Fuad A. Al-Horani
Sci. Mar. 69(3) : 347-354 Abstract PDF
The complete larval development of Eurypanopeus canalensis Abele and Kim, 1989 (Crustacea: Brachyura: Panopeidae) described from laboratory reared material
Marcelo U. García-Guerrero, Antonio Rodríguez, José A. Cuesta and Michel E. Hendrickx
Sci. Mar. 69(3) : 355-368 Abstract PDF
Temporal modification in cardiac rhythmicity of Nephrops norvegicus (Crustacea: Decapoda) in relation to trawl capture stress
Jacopo Aguzzi, Juan Chiesa, Pere Abelló and Antoni Diez-Noguera
Sci. Mar. 69(3) : 369-374 Abstract PDF
Burying behaviour of two sympatric crab species: Cancer magister and Cancer productus
Iain J. McGaw
Sci. Mar. 69(3) : 375-381 Abstract PDF
Aspects of female reproductive biology of the orange-back squid, Sthenoteuthis pteropus (Steenstup) (Oegopsina: Ommastrephidae) in the eastern tropical Atlantic
Vladimir V. Laptikhovsky and Chingis M. Nigmatullin
Sci. Mar. 69(3) : 383-390 Abstract PDF
Age, growth, mortality, reproduction and feeding habits of the striped seabream, Lithognathus mormyrus (Pisces: Sparidae) in the coastal waters of the Thracian Sea, Greece
Argyris Kallianiotis, Michele Torre and Anna Argyri
Sci. Mar. 69(3) : 391-404 Abstract PDF
Feeding ecology of Bathyraja macloviana (Rajiformes, Arhynchobatidae): a polychaete-feeding skate from the South-west Atlantic
E. Mabragaña, D. A. Giberto and C. S. Bremec
Sci. Mar. 69(3) : 405-413 Abstract PDF
Observations and trends on the intra-annual variation of the fish assemblages on two artificial reefs in Algarve coastal waters (southern Portugal)
Miguel Neves dos Santos, Carlos C. Monteiro and Gerard Lasserre
Sci. Mar. 69(3) : 415-426 Abstract PDF
Do all ecosystems maximise their distance with respect to thermodynamic equilibrium? A comment on the "Ecological Law of Thermodynamics" (ELT), proposed by Sven Erik Jørgensen
Rutger de Wit
Sci. Mar. 69(3) : 427-434 Abstract PDF
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