Sci. Mar. 68(4): 2004
Estimates of gradient Richardson numbers from vertically smoothed data in the Gulf Stream region
P. van Gastel and J.L. Pelegrí
Sci. Mar. 68(4) : 459-482 Abstract PDF
Nutrient diffusive fluxes from sediments in the northern Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea
Saber Al-Rousan, Mohammed Rasheed and Mohammad Badran
Sci. Mar. 68(4) : 483-490 Abstract PDF
Active and resting stages of zooplankton and its seasonal evolution in a hypersaline temporary pond of the Mediterranean coast (the "Vecchia Salina", SE Italy)
Salvatore Moscatello and Genuario Belmonte
Sci. Mar. 68(4) : 491-500 Abstract PDF
Fatty acid composition of the Caprellidea (Crustacea: Amphipoda) from the Strait of Gibraltar
José Manuel Guerra-García, I. Martínez-Pita and M.L. Pita
Sci. Mar. 68(4) : 501-510 Abstract PDF
Shrimps of the crangonid genus Paracrangon Dana (Crustacea: Decapoda: Caridea) from the northwestern Pacific: taxonomic review and description of a new species from Japan
Tomoyuki Komai and Jyung Nyun Kim
Sci. Mar. 68(4) : 511-536 Abstract PDF
Composition and distribution of benthic malacofauna on intertidal flats of Paranaguá Bay (Paraná, Brazil)
G. Boehs, T.M. Absher and A.C. Da Cruz
Sci. Mar. 68(4) : 537-543 Abstract PDF
Human harvesting of Mytilus galloprovincialis Lamarck, 1819, on the central coast of Portugal
Marc Rius and Henrique N. Cabral
Sci. Mar. 68(4) : 545-551 Abstract PDF
Abundance of Octopus vulgaris on soft sediment
Stelios Katsanevakis and George Verriopoulos
Sci. Mar. 68(4) : 553-560 Abstract PDF
Uncertainties in sampling procedures for age composition of hake and sardine in Iberian Atlantic waters
Ernesto Jardim, Valentin Trujillo and Paz Sampedro
Sci. Mar. 68(4) : 561-569 Abstract PDF
Models describing mackerel (Scomber scombrus) early life growth in the North and Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula in 2000
Begońa Villamor, Miguel Bernal and Carmen Hernández
Sci. Mar. 68(4) : 571-583 Abstract PDF
Temporal patterns of larval fish distribution and abundance in a coastal area of northern Greece
Emmanuil T. Koutrakis, Argyris A. Kallianiotis and Athanassios C. Tsikliras
Sci. Mar. 68(4) : 585-595 Abstract PDF
Food of sand smelt, Atherina boyeri Risso, 1810 (Pisces: Atherinidae ) in the estuary of the Mala Neretva River (middle-eastern Adriatic, Croatia)
Vlasta Bartulovic, Davor Lucic, Alexis Conides, Branko Glamuzina, Jakov Dulcic, Dubravka Hafner and Mirna Batistic
Sci. Mar. 68(4) : 597-603 Abstract PDF
Activity patterns and foraging behaviour of Audouin's gulls at the Ebro Delta, NW Mediterranean
Santi Mańosa, Daniel Oro and Xavier Ruiz
Sci. Mar. 68(4) : 605-614 Abstract PDF
A pressurizing system for long-term study of marine or freshwater organisms enabling the simulation of cyclic vertical migrations
Alfredo Damasceno-Oliveira, J. Gonçalves, J. Silva, B. Fernández-Durán and J. Coimbra
Sci. Mar. 68(4) : 615-619 Abstract PDF
Trends in Hydrozoan Biology IV. Mills, C.E., F. Boero, A. Migotto and J.M. Gili, (eds.)
E.A. Robson
Sci. Mar. 68(4) : 621-622 Abstract PDF
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