Sci. Mar. 68(1): 2004
Ocean wave mapping from ERS SAR images in the presence of swell and wind-waves
Stéphan Rousseau and Philippe Forget
Sci. Mar. 68(1) : 1-5 Abstract PDF
Phytodetritus at the sediment-water interface, NW Mediterranean Basin: spatial repartition, living cells signatures, meiofaunal relationships
C. Riaux-Gobin, A. Dinet, G. Dugué, G. Vétion, E. Maria and A. Grémare
Sci. Mar. 68(1) : 7-21 Abstract PDF
Morphology and LPS content for the estimation of marine bacterioplankton biomass in the Ionian Sea
Rosabruna La Ferla, Angelina Lo Giudice and Giovanna Maimone
Sci. Mar. 68(1) : 23-31 Abstract PDF
Tintinnids (Protozoa: Ciliophora) of the Büyükçekmece Bay in the Sea of Marmara
Neslíhan Balkis
Sci. Mar. 68(1) : 33-44 Abstract PDF
Estimation of photosynthesis and calcification rates of Corallina elongata Ellis and Solander, 1786, by measurements of dissolved oxygen, pH and total alkalinity
Bouazza El Haïkali, Nathaniel Bensoussan, Jean-Claude Romano and Vincent Bousquet
Sci. Mar. 68(1) : 45-56 Abstract PDF
Macroalgal biomass and species variations in the Lagoon of Venice (Northern Adriatic Sea, Italy): 1981-1998
Daniele Curiel, Andrea Rismondo, Giorgio Bellemo and Mara Marzocchi
Sci. Mar. 68(1) : 57-67 Abstract PDF
Zonation patterns of benthic communities in an upwelling area from the western Medierranean (La Herradura, Alboran Sea)
E. Cebrian and E. Ballesteros
Sci. Mar. 68(1) : 69-84 Abstract PDF
Sibling species of copepods in association with Mediterranean gorgorians
Mercedes Conradi, César Megina and Pablo J. López-González
Sci. Mar. 68(1) : 85-96 Abstract PDF
Uroptychodes, new genus of Chirostylidae (Crustacea: Decapoda: Anomura), with description of three new species
Keiji Baba
Sci. Mar. 68(1) : 97-116 Abstract PDF
Biomass and elemental composition of eggs and larvae of a mangrove crab, Sesarma rectum Randall (Decapoda: Sesarmidae)and comparison to a related species with abbreviated larval development
Klaus Anger and Gloria S. Moreira
Sci. Mar. 68(1) : 117-126 Abstract PDF
Female reproductive cycle of the Southwestern Atlantic estuarine crab Chasmagnathus granulatus (Brachyura, Grapsoidea, Varunidae)
Romina B. Ituarte, E.D. Spivak and T.A. Luppi
Sci. Mar. 68(1) : 127-137 Abstract PDF
Comparison of the population structure of the fiddler crab Uca vocator (Herbst, 1804) from three subtropical mangrove forests
Karine Delevati Colpo and Maria Lucia Negreiros-Fransozo
Sci. Mar. 68(1) : 139-146 Abstract PDF
Den ecology of Octopus vulgaris Cuvier, 1797, on soft sediment: availability and types of shelter
S. Katsanevakis and G. Verriopoulos
Sci. Mar. 68(1) : 147-157 Abstract PDF
Insular stock identification of Serranus atricauda (Pisces: Serranidae) through the presence of Ceratothoa steindachneri (Isopoda, Cymothoidae) and Pentacapsula cutanea (Myxozoa, Pentacapsulidae) in the Canary Islands
C. Cuyás, J.J. Castro, A.T. Santana-Ortega and E. Carbonell
Sci. Mar. 68(1) : 159-163 Abstract PDF
Reconstruction of trophic pathways between plankton and the North Iberian sardine (Sardina pilchardus) using stable isotopes
Antonio Bode, M.T. Alvarez-Ossorio, P. Carrera and J. Lorenzo
Sci. Mar. 68(1) : 165-178 Abstract PDF
Body size overlap in industrial and artisanal fisheries for five commercial fish species in the Mediterranean Sea
Konstantinos I. Stergiou, Dimitrios K. Moutopoulos and Georgiois Krassas
Sci. Mar. 68(1) : 179-188 Abstract PDF
CIESM Atlas of exotic species in the Mediterranean. Vol. 2. Crustaceans: decapods and stomatopods. B. Galil, C. Froglia and P. Noël
Pere Abelló
Sci. Mar. 68(1) : 189-189 Abstract PDF
El Mar Mediterráneo: recursos vivos y explotación.C. Bas
Francesc Sardà
Sci. Mar. 68(1) : 190-190 Abstract PDF
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