Sci. Mar. 67(3): 2003
Patterns of paralytic shellfish toxicity in the St. Lawrence region in relationship with the abundance and distribution of Alexandrium tamarense
Dolors Blasco, Maurice Levasseur, Esther Bonneau, Roger Gelinas and T.T. Packard
Sci. Mar. 67(3) : 261-278 Abstract PDF
Fecundity of the common cuttlefish, Sepia officinalis L. (Cephalopoda, Sepiida): a new look at the old problem
V. Laptikhovsky, A. Salman, B. Önsoy and T. Katagan
Sci. Mar. 67(3) : 279-284 Abstract PDF
Population estimates, extraction, and translocation of the pectinid Argopecten purpuratus within Mejillones Bay, Chile
Miguel Avendańo D. and Marcela Cantillánez S.
Sci. Mar. 67(3) : 285-291 Abstract PDF
Biffarius pacificus, a new species of the Callianassidae (Crustacea: Decapoda: Thalassinidea) from northern Chile
Guillermo L. Guzman and Sven Thatje
Sci. Mar. 67(3) : 293-298 Abstract PDF
In vitro metabolism of steroid hormones by ovary and hepatopancreas of the crustacean Penaeid shrimp Marsupenaeus japonicus
T. Summavielle, P. Ribeiro Rocha Monteiro, M.A. Reis-Henriques and J. Coimbra
Sci. Mar. 67(3) : 299-306 Abstract PDF
Grazing by Diadema antillarum (Philippi) upon algal communities on rocky substrates
Filipe M.A. Alves, Luis M. Chícharo, Ester Serrao and António D. Abreu
Sci. Mar. 67(3) : 307-311 Abstract PDF
Gross and histological observations of ovarian development in twaite shad, Alosa fallax fallax, from Rivers Mira and Guadiana (Portugal)
Teresa Pina, E. Esteves and J.P. Andrade
Sci. Mar. 67(3) : 313-322 Abstract PDF
Description of a new species of hake: Merluccius patagonicus sp. nov. (Gadiformes, Merlucciidae) from the waters of Argentina
D. Lloris and J. Matallanas
Sci. Mar. 67(3) : 323-326 Abstract PDF
Trends of anchovy (Engraulis encrasilocus, L.) biomass in the northern and central Adriatic Sea
A. Santojanni, E. Arneri, C. Barry, A. Belardinelli, N. Cingolani, G. Giannetti and G. Kirkwood
Sci. Mar. 67(3) : 327-340 Abstract PDF
Quantifying the roles of competing static gears: comparative selectivity of longlines and monofilament gill nets in a multi-species fishery of the Algarve (southern Portugal)
K. Erzini, J.M.S. Gonçalves, L. Bentes, P.G. Lino, J. Ribeiro and K.I. Stergiou
Sci. Mar. 67(3) : 341-352 Abstract PDF
Oxidative stress and enzymatic scavenging of superoxide radicals induced by solar UV-B radiation in Ulva canopies from southern Spain
K. Bischof, P.J. Janknegt, A.G.J. Buma, J.W. Rijstenbil, G. Peralta and A.M. Breeman
Sci. Mar. 67(3) : 353-359 Abstract PDF
The effect of food on the respiration rates of Daphnia magna using a flow-through system
C. Schmoker and S. Hernández-León
Sci. Mar. 67(3) : 361-365 Abstract PDF
Occurrence and genetic analysis of a Kemp's Ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys kempii) in the Mediterranean Sea
Jesús Tomás, A. Formia, M. Fernández and J.A. Raga
Sci. Mar. 67(3) : 367-369 Abstract PDF
Seasonal variability in voluntary dive duration of the Mediterranean loggerhead turtle, Caretta caretta
Flegra Bentivegna, Sandra Hochscheid and Carmen Minucci
Sci. Mar. 67(3) : 371-375 Abstract PDF
CIESM Atlas of Exotic Species in the Mediterranean. Vol. 1. Fishes. D. Golani, L. Orsi- Relini, E. Massutí and J. Quignard
D. Lloris
Sci. Mar. 67(3) : 377-378 Abstract PDF
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