Sci. Mar. 66(4): 2002
An equilibrium profile model for tidal environments
A.M. Bernabeu, R. Medina and C. Vidal
Sci. Mar. 66(4) : 325-335 Abstract PDF
Influence of the Barrie de la Maza dock on the circulation pattern of the Ría of A Coruña (NW-Spain)
M. Gómez -Gesteira, M. de Castro, R. Prego and F. Martins
Sci. Mar. 66(4) : 337-346 Abstract PDF
Estimation of heading gyrocompass error using a GPS 3DF system: Impact on ADCP measurements
Simón Ruiz, Jordi Font, G. Griffiths and A. Castellón
Sci. Mar. 66(4) : 347-354 Abstract PDF
Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus supply on growth, chlorophyll content and tissue composition of the macroalga Chaetomorpha linum (O.F. Müll), Kütz, in a Mediterranean Coastal Lagoon
Margarita Menéndez, Jorge Herrera and F.A. Comín
Sci. Mar. 66(4) : 355-364 Abstract PDF
Structure and growth dynamics of Cymodocea nodosa meadows
G. Cancemi, M.C. Buia and L. Mazzella
Sci. Mar. 66(4) : 365-373 Abstract PDF
The status of three rare siphonophores (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa) described by Tamiji Kawamura: Bathyphysa japonica, Athorybia longifolia and Forskalia misakiensis
F. Pagčs
Sci. Mar. 66(4) : 375-382 Abstract PDF
A new primnoid genus (Anthozoa: Octocorallia) from the Southern Ocean
Pablo J. López-González, J.M. Gili and Covadonga Orejas
Sci. Mar. 66(4) : 383-397 Abstract PDF
Temporal variability and production of Temora turbinata (Copepoda: Calanoida) in the Cananéia Lagoon estuarine system, São Paulo, Brazil
Koichi Ara
Sci. Mar. 66(4) : 399-406 Abstract PDF
Two new cumacean species (Crustacea: Peracarida) from shallow waters off Thailand
Jordi Corbera and Daniel Martín
Sci. Mar. 66(4) : 407-415 Abstract PDF
Feeding habits of Cataetyx alleni (Pisces: Bythitidae) in the deep western Mediterranean
M. Carrassón and J. Matallanas
Sci. Mar. 66(4) : 417-421 Abstract PDF
Efficacy of a remote control closure of cod-end used in a bottom trawl experience
F. Sardŕ, J.B. Company and M.A. Estévez
Sci. Mar. 66(4) : 423-432 Abstract PDF
Gill net and long-line catch comparisons in a hake fishery: the case of southern Portugal
Miguel N. Santos, Miguel B. Gaspar, Carlos C. Monteiro and Paulo Vasconcelos
Sci. Mar. 66(4) : 433-441 Abstract PDF
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