Sci. Mar. 66(3): 2002
Pulsing versus constant supply of nutrients (N, P and Si): effect on phytoplankton, mesozooplankton and vertical flux of biogenic matter
C. Svensen, J.C. Nejstgaard, J.K. Egge and P. Wassmann
Sci. Mar. 66(3) : 189-203 Abstract PDF
The distribution and biochemical composition of biogenic particles across the subtropical Front in June 1993 (Azores-Madeira region, Northeast Atlantic)
Luigi Vezzulli, Paolo Povero and Mauro Fabiano
Sci. Mar. 66(3) : 205-214 Abstract PDF
Mesozooplankton features in a frontal area off northern Patagonia (Argentina) during spring 1995 and 1998
Marina Sabatini and Patricia Martos
Sci. Mar. 66(3) : 215-232 Abstract PDF
Nanoplankton protists from the western Mediterranean Sea. I. Occurrence, ultrastructure, taxonomy and ecological role of the mixotrophic flagellate Ollicola vangoorii (Chrysomonadidae = Chrysophyceae p.p.)
Gianfranco Novarino and Emilia Oliva
Sci. Mar. 66(3) : 233-247 Abstract PDF
SEM study of Anisakis brevispiculata Dollfus, 1966 and Pseudoterranova ceticola (Deardoff and Overstreet, 1981) (Nematoda: Anisakidae), parasites of the pygmy sperm whale Kogia breviceps
Elvira Abollo and Santiago Pascual
Sci. Mar. 66(3) : 249-255 Abstract PDF
A new species of Austrofilius (Crustacea, Isopoda, Janiridae) from Western Mediterranean
José Castelló
Sci. Mar. 66(3) : 257-264 Abstract PDF
Pattern of shell utilization by the hermit crab Paguristes tortugae (Diogenidae) from Anchieta Island, Southern Brazil
F.L.M. Mantelatto and L.C.C. Domiciano
Sci. Mar. 66(3) : 265-272 Abstract PDF
Group-synchronous ovarian development, spawning and spermiation in the European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax L.) could be regulated by shifts in gonadal steroidogenesis
Juan F. Asturiano, Lisa A. Sorbera, Jesús Ramos, David E. Kime, Manuel Carrillo and Silvia Zanuy
Sci. Mar. 66(3) : 273-282 Abstract PDF
Estimated total abundance and numbers at age of longtail hake (Macruronus magellanicus) in the Southwest Atlantic during the years 1987-2000
Analía R. Giussi, Jorge E. Hansen and Otto C. Wöler
Sci. Mar. 66(3) : 283-291 Abstract PDF
Trophic niche overlap between flatfishes in a nursery area on the Portuguese coast
Henrique N. Cabral, M. Lopes and Ralf Loeper
Sci. Mar. 66(3) : 293-300 Abstract PDF
The feeding behaviour of some demersal fish species in response to artificial discarding
Ignacio Olaso, Francisco Sánchez, Cristina Rodríguez-Cabello and Francisco Velasco
Sci. Mar. 66(3) : 301-311 Abstract PDF
Differences in diet between the two largest breeding colonies of Audouin's gulls: the effects of fishery activities
Vittorio Pedrocchi, Daniel Oro, Jacob González-Solís, Xavier Ruiz and Lluís Jover
Sci. Mar. 66(3) : 313-320 Abstract PDF
The Indo-Pacific striped eel catfish, Plotosus lineatus (Thunberg, 1787), (Osteichtyes: Siluriformes), a new record from the Mediterranean
D. Golani
Sci. Mar. 66(3) : 321-323 Abstract PDF
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