Sci. Mar. 64(4): 2000
Effects of different levels of UV-B radiation on marine epilithic communities: a short-term microcosm study
R.A. Danilov and N.G.A. Ekelund
Sci. Mar. 64(4) : 363-368 Abstract PDF
Considerations on the biology of Plesionika edwardsi (Brandt, 1851) (Decapoda, Caridea, Pandalidae) from experimental trap catches in the Spanish western Mediterranean Sea
M. García Rodríguez, A. Esteban and J.L. Pérez Gil
Sci. Mar. 64(4) : 369-379 Abstract PDF
The use of cardiac monitoring in the assessment of mercury toxicity in the subtropical pebble crab Gaetice depressus (Brachyura: Grapsidae: Varuninae)
A. Aagaard, B. Styrishave, C.G. Warman and M.H. Depledge
Sci. Mar. 64(4) : 381-386 Abstract PDF
The description of Austroglossus pectoralis (Teleostei: Soleidae) larvae from the South-east coast of South Africa
A.D. Wood
Sci. Mar. 64(4) : 387-392 Abstract PDF
Side scan sonar image and geologic interpretation of the Ría de Pontevedra seafloor (Galicia, NW Spain)
Soledad García-Gil, Ruth Durán and Federico Vilas
Sci. Mar. 64(4) : 393-402 Abstract PDF
The reproductive biology of Spondyliosoma cantharus (L.) from the SW Coast of Portugal
J.M.S. Gonçalves and K. Erzini
Sci. Mar. 64(4) : 403-411 Abstract PDF
Short-term fluctuations in bivalve larvae compared with some environmental factors in a coastal lagoon (South Portugal)
Luis M.Z. Chícaro and M. Alexandra Chícharo
Sci. Mar. 64(4) : 413-420 Abstract PDF
Fatty acid and sterol composition of gametophytes and sporophytes of Chondrus crispus (Gigartinaceae, Rhodophyta)
M.G. Tasende
Sci. Mar. 64(4) : 421-426 Abstract PDF
Field calibration of optical sensors for measuring suspended sediment concentration in the western Mediterranean
J. Guillén, A. Palanques, P. Puig, X. Durrieu de Madron and F. Nyffeler
Sci. Mar. 64(4) : 427-435 Abstract PDF
Estimating the size of Uca tangeri (Crustacea: Ocypodidae) without massive crab capture
R. Lourenço, J. Paula and M. Henriques
Sci. Mar. 64(4) : 437-439 Abstract PDF
Obituary: Jesús Baraza Puértolas (1959-2000)
Belén Alonso
Sci. Mar. 64(4) : 361-362 Abstract PDF
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