Sci. Mar. 63(1): 1999
Fecundity and spawning in squid of families Enoploteuthidae and Ancistrocheiridae (Cephalopoda: Oegopsida
V.V. Laptikhovsky
Sci. Mar. 63(1) : 1-7 Abstract PDF
The first zoeal stage of Parthenope macrochelos (Herbst, 1790) hatched in the laboratory (Crustacea: Brachyura: Parthenopidae)
G. Guerao and P. Abelló
Sci. Mar. 63(1) : 9-14 Abstract PDF
The Cumacea community of the southeastern Brazilian Continental Shelf: structure and dynamics
M.F.L. Dos Santos and A.M.S. Pires-Vanin
Sci. Mar. 63(1) : 15-25 Abstract PDF
On the biology and fishery of Aristeus antennatus (Risso, 1816), (Decapoda, Dendrobranchiata) in the Ibiza Channel (Balearic Islands, Spain)
M. García-Rodriguez and A. Esteban
Sci. Mar. 63(1) : 27-37 Abstract PDF
Parasites of cephalopods in the northern Tyrrhenian Sea (western Mediterranean): new host records and host specificity
C. Gestal, P. Belcari, E. Abollo and S. Pascual
Sci. Mar. 63(1) : 39-43 Abstract PDF
Distribution of microreticulate dinoflagellate cysts from the Galician and Portuguese coast
I. Bravo and I. Ramilo
Sci. Mar. 63(1) : 45-50 Abstract PDF
Studies on the ecology and behaviour of the ghost crab, Ocypode cursor (L.) in northern Cyprus
P.H. Strachan, R.C. Smith, D.A.B. Hamilton, A.C. Taylor and R.J.A. Atkinson
Sci. Mar. 63(1) : 51-60 Abstract PDF
A critical examination of substoichiometric isotope dilution analysis using thymidine and leucine
D.F. Bird
Sci. Mar. 63(1) : 61-70 Abstract PDF
Growth of the dusky grouper Epinephelus marginatus (Linnnaeus, 1758) (Teleostei, Serranidae), in the Natural Marine Reserve of Lavezzi Islands, Corsica, France
J.L. Bouchereau, P. Body and C. Chauvet
Sci. Mar. 63(1) : 71-77 Abstract PDF
Latitudinal changes of euphausiid assemblages related to the morphological variability of the sound scattering layer along Baja California, October 1994
J. Gómez-Gutiérrez, G. González-Chávez, C.J. Robinson and V. Arenas-Fuentes
Sci. Mar. 63(1) : 79-91 Abstract PDF
Obituary: Jaume Rucabado i Aguilar (1946-1999)
C. Bas and D. Lloris
Sci. Mar. 63(1) : 2-2 Abstract PDF
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