Sci. Mar. 61(4): 1997
Data quality control for vessel mounted acoustic Doppler current profiler. Application for the western Mediterranean Sea
E. García-Górriz, J. Font and J. Candela
Sci. Mar. 61(4) : 417-430 Abstract PDF
Sources of acoustic scattering near a halocline in an estuarine frontal system
A. Madirolas, E.M. Acha, R.A. Guerrero and C. Lasta
Sci. Mar. 61(4) : 431-438 Abstract PDF
Histochemical and immunocytochemical study of gonadotropic pituitary cells of the killifish, Fundulus heteroclitus during annual reproductive cycle
C. Sarasquete, J.A. Muñoz-Cueto, M.L. González de Canales, A. García-García, F.J. Rodríguez-Gómez, C. Piñuela, C. Rendon and R.B. Rodríguez.
Sci. Mar. 61(4) : 439-449 Abstract PDF
Effects of the culture conditions on the development of Chondrus crispus Stackhouse (Gigartinaceae, Rhodophyta) in culture
M.G. Tasende and M.I. Fraga
Sci. Mar. 61(4) : 451-458 Abstract PDF
Sepiolinae (Mollusca: Cephalopoda) from the Strait of Sicily
P. Jereb, A. Mazzola and M. Di Stefano
Sci. Mar. 61(4) : 459-470 Abstract PDF
The taxonomic status of the genus Stylactaria Stechow, 1921 (Hydroidomedusae, Anthomedusae, Hydractiniidae), with the description of a new species
J. Bouillon, D. Medel and A.L. Peña Cantero
Sci. Mar. 61(4) : 471-486 Abstract PDF
A redescription of Paragotoea bathybia Kramp 1942 (Hydroidomedusae: Corymorphidae) with a new diagnosis for the genus Paragotoea
F. Pagès, and J. Bouillon
Sci. Mar. 61(4) : 487-493 Abstract PDF
Rocky bottom fish communities of Cabrera Archipelago National Park (Mallorca, western Mediterranean)
O. Reñones, J. Moranta, J. Coll and B. Morales-Nin
Sci. Mar. 61(4) : 495-506 Abstract PDF
Starvation percentages in field caught Sardina pilchardus larvae off southern Portugal
M.A. Chicharo
Sci. Mar. 61(4) : 507-516 Abstract PDF
Preliminary studies on the significance of alkaline phosphatase activity in the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum Bohlin
R. García Ruiz, I. Hernández, J. Lucena and F.X. Niell
Sci. Mar. 61(4) : 517-525 Abstract PDF
Bakun, A. - 1996. Patterns in the Ocean. Ocean processes and marine population dynamics.
Miguel Alcaraz
Sci. Mar. 61(4) : 527-527 Abstract PDF
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